Highlander 2 (1991)

Directed by Russell Mulcahy

Written by Gregory Widen

Run Time: 109 minutes

A guest review by Karl Hoegle

Connor Macleod (Christopher Lambert)

He must have really needed the money, or failed to read the script before agreeing to this turkey. Hmmm… Was there a script? Juan Sánchez Ramírez (Sean Connery)


New Review: Escape From Galaxy 3

Escape From Galaxy 3 (1981)

Yes, it’s the follow up to “Star Crash”…only without the sophisticated plot and great special effects. Yeah, it’s that bad!

Escape from Galaxy 3 (1981)

Directed by Bitto Albertini (as Ben Norman)

Written by John Thomas (who?!)

Run Time: 87 minutes

Belle Star (Sherry Buchanan)

Ahhh…Belle Star. My cosmic princess. Before appearing in this epic movie, Ms. Buchanan had parts in Tentacles (1977) and, one of my personal favorites, Zombie Holocaust (1980). Unfortunately for us cheesy-movie […]