According To Plan (1952)

According to Plan

Summary: Asbestos is your friend!

You thought asbestos was bad for you? Nooooo….not at all! A little light music and a friendly narrator will change all that!

According to Plan

As a young couple sit in their living room dreaming of a new home, the narrator (Big-N) explains just what a home means to people, "Home brings a sense of security to a man…and to every woman, her homes means a setting for gracious living." (heh, heh)

Next comes the decision concerning what to have on the outside of the house: brick, wood, stone, stucco…but wait! What about a NEW and exciting material: asbestos!

According to Plan

As a montage of Science shots grace the screen, we learn how asbestos is just another product in the long line of useful household items that make life sooooo much easier for the modern family.

Big-N explains how asbestos is made up of millions of tiny fibers (yes, the ones that get in your lungs and cause cancer) that they glue to cement or something.

And hey! Asbestos won’t burn! So why not cover your house in it?

Gee! Where do I sign up?

Now we see shots of the, *ahem*, beautiful suburbs of the 1950’s…i.e., rows, and rows, and rows of identicle houses as far as the eye can see:

According to Plan

Asbestos as far as the eye can see…I can’t wait to move there!

Well, now we visit a nationaly knows archetect who toots the asbestos horn and tells us how lovely it is. "Now other material will look as good on this house," he says pointing to a drawing, "than asbestos cement!" If you say so. Another developer notes, "It’s not only good, it’s economical too." (Reminding me of that old ‘Ren and Stimpy" skit with the child’s toy ‘Log’: "It’s better than bad, it’s good!" I guess you had to be there…)

Hell, you can get an asbestos roof and floors! Just sign up for a "lifetime of beauty…"

And fade to black.

Conclusion: I feel my lungs clogging up just watching this show.

2 comments to According To Plan (1952)

  • notmrjohn

    Hey! Stop bad mouthing asbestos! I grew up in a house with asbestos siding. Every house in the neighborhood had it. The entire suddivision in fact, hundreds of houses. Never bothered any of usssss ssss whhhhhheh .. …even after all these yearrrrr just a minute… huffffff… i’ll…. finishhhh laterrr…gotuhhhhh catchhhh breaaaaaaaaa.

  • guts3d

    Hehehe! On a serious note, the asbestos abatement industry makes serious cash, a friend of a friend does asbestos abatement in Boston and has work scheduled forever. $#@! scientists should have thought of the lung cancer angle before putting it into building materials.

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