Arranging The Buffet Supper (1946)

Summary: Never fear! This informative news reel will save your next buffet dinner!

Our favorite 1940’s housewife, June, is preparing for her upcoming buffet supper, and is wisely getting advice from her elderly grandmother. The following important issues are now discussed:

"What foods to offer? How it’s to be served? And what preparations she should make for arranging a buffet supper table."

Our narrator informs us that June has all the food ready before the guests arrive. (Hmmm, you need a newsreel to tell you that? If you can’t even figure out that you need the food ready before people come, then you have bigger problems than just "buffet dinners"!) June and Grandma walk around the bare "supper table" look 2 generals pondering a tactical battle map.

In case you’re wondering what the hell the difference between a "buffet supper" meal and a regular "supper" meal is, the narrator tells us that a "buffet supper" is served later in the evening. (Aren’t you relieved? Didn’t people have other things to worry about in 1946?) Furthermore, "chairs will not be needed at the table since the guests will eat informally; eating wherever they wish to seat themselves."

 Am I really watching this? Man, I have got to get a life.

"The table cloth should hang squarely and smoothly, with the edges hanging evenly." (Help. my…brain…shutdown…)

On to silverware and decorations. WHEEE!!!

June takes a pair of glass candlesticks and is about to put them on the table when Grandma takes them from her. Our narrator explains: "June wants candles on the table, and has to be reminded [June, you idiot!] that this type of candlestick would be good if she were using candles as the primary light for the supper. But since the candles will not be the principle light, they should not be placed on the candle at all."

"However her centerpiece of fruits would be the proper choice. It is attractive without being obtrusive."

Ayeeeeiiiii! I can’t take it. I’m just going to type what I hear as my brains slowly shuts down:

 "Staggering the forks helps the guests to pick one up easily."

"The buffet meal as a whole is designed to be a simple meal to be eaten simply."

"A single hot dish is offered and kept warm in a casserole. It may be a meat pie, macaroni and cheese, or whatever you prefer."

"The rolls that June are serving are kept warm in a napkin and they have already been buttered in the kitchen."

"On the buffet are the drinks: milk and punch. For older people there would be tea or coffee."

OK, I’m going to fight this. I will beat this newsreel!

"Now everything is ready, and we can be certain that each guest will be fully aware, not only of the food, but of the attractiveness and convenience of the table arrangement."

Brain. Shutdown. I. Quit.

Conclusion: Get a freakin’ life and just eat already! What the hell planet are these people from?

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  • Guts3d

    …Staggering the forks helps the guests to pick one up easily.”

    Do they have all thumbs? No thumbs? Weak wrists? How tough is it to pick up a fork, fer gosh sakes?

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