The Sacrifice (1986)

Written & Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky Alexander – Erland Josephson Adelaide – Susan Fleetwood Otto – Allan Edwall Victor – Sven Wollter Maria – Guorun Gisladottir PROLOGUE I’m about to do something very, very bad. So bad, in fact, it may be blasphemous. I’m about to skewer the final film of cinematic saint Andrei Tarkovsky. [...]

Sean reports on Godzilla from the field!

Late last night my morse-code receiver started beeping like crazy so I dashed up and decoded his hurried message: The Return of the King Knowing I planned to see the new Godzilla on opening weekend, Dennis asked me for some impressions – and here they are: Wow! Hollywood finally got it right. This is not [...]

Godzilla (1998)

Directed by Roland Emmerich Written by Roland Emmerich, Dean Devlin Run Time: 132 minutes Tagline: “1998. The year of GODZILLA!” Like most Godzilla fans, I remember the 1998 Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich (D&E) version with loathing. So enraged was I after sitting through the damn thing in the theater I toyed with writing a [...]

The X from Outer Space (1967)

Other Titles: (Giant Space Monster: Guilala (宇宙大怪獣:ギララ) Director: Kazui Nihonmatsu Producer: Wataru Nakajima Screenplay:    Eibi Motomochi    Moriyoshi Ishida    Kazui Nihonmatsu SFX: Hiroshi Ikeda Art Direction: Shigemori Shigeta Music: Taku Izumi CAST:    Toshiya Wazaki – Captain Sano    Peggy Neal – Lisa    Itoko Harada – Michiko    Eiji Okada – Dr. Kato    Franz Gruber – Dr. Berman    Shin’inchi [...]

Godzilla Trailer Review by Sean Ledden

Godzilla Official Trailer Review By Sean Ledden The 2nd trailer for the new Godzilla is out, and I’m officially psyched! Here’s why: No Odious Comic Relief It was clear from the teaser trailer, but amplified here, that we will go back to the super serious mood of the 1954 original. Gone is the “light-hearted comedy” [...]

Midnight Movie Massacre (1988)

Directed by Mark Stock Run Time: 85 minutes Other Titles: ATTACK FROM MARS PRODUCTION CREDITS: A.K.A. The Perp Walk Screenplay by: Roger Branit, John Chadwell, David Houston, Wade Williams Produced by: Wade Williams Directed by: Mark Stock CAST: Robert Clarke Ann Robinson And a sorry group of amateurs I won’t shame by printing their names. [...]

Troll Hunter (2010)

Troll Hunter (2010) Directed by André Øvredal Written by André Øvredal, Håvard S. Johansen Run Time: 103 minutes Starting this review by saying that “Trollhunter” is like “The Blair Witch Project” meets “Cloverfield” gives the impression that this is a true Suck Fest. But it’s not – a Suck Fest, I mean. Trollhunter may steal [...]

Monster (2008)

Monster (2008) Directed by Erik Estenberg Written by Erick Estenberg & David Michael Latt Run Time: 90 minutes   In 2008 Cloverfield took the concept to new “heights” (sarcastic laughter) with an estimated budget of $30 million, a very cool monster design, and a cast of plastic 20-somethings. It went on to gross $170,602,318 worldwide, [...]

Highlander 2 (1991)

Directed by Russell Mulcahy Written by Gregory Widen Run Time: 109 minutes A guest review by Karl Hoegle Connor Macleod (Christopher Lambert)He must have really needed the money, or failed to read the script before agreeing to this turkey. Hmmm… Was there a script? Juan Sánchez Ramírez (Sean Connery)3.5 million for 9 days work! I [...]

Mercury Men (2009)

From the Better Late Than Never Department: The Monster Shack takes great pride in trashing the (gag) “Syfy” channel, but I was recently shocked, yes shocked!, to find it presenting something genuinely good. Thrilling even! And that thing is…..drum-roll….. The Mercury Men. It is, to quote it’s very cool retro poster, “The return of the [...]

Waterworld (1995)

Directed by Kevin Reynolds Writer by Peter Rader and David Twohy Run Time: 135 minutes A guest review by Karl Hoegle. Mariner (Kevin Kostner)So many fish jokes and puns that I could use here, but I will refrain. Deacon (Dennis Hopper)So over the top, I wonder if he read the script or just improvised as [...]

The Beast with a Million Eyes (1955)

Directed by David Kramarsky Screenplay by Tom Flier Effects by Paul Blaisdell Run Time: 78 minutes The Monster Shack happily presents a guest review by Randy Landers. Summary: In an inhospitable wasteland far from civilization, a powerful alien touches down and begins tampering with nature, turning calm animals like birds and chickens into violently aggressive [...]

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (2010)

Directed by Christopher Ray Screenplay by: Naomi Selfman Tagline: Whoever wins…we lose! Run Time: 88 minutes A guest review by Sean Ledden Our story begins in an African diamond mine where a white trash guard insists the impoverished black workers stay on the job even when a tremor threatens to bring down the roof. (Booo!) [...]

Behemoth (2011)

Directed by David Hogan Written by Rachelle Howie Run Time: 90 minutes Guest review by Sean Ledden The 1950’s had the drive-in theater, and today we have the “Syfy” Channel. Its motto is “imagine greater,” which is astonishing given how much the people who run the channel evidently hate and despise imagination. But what did [...]

Lost In Space (1998)

Directed by Stephen Hopkins Written by Akiva Goldsman Run Time: A whopping 130 minutes! [Dennis: Ouch!] Tagline: Danger, Will Robinson! Budget: 75 million Total US Gross: 69.102 Million (136 Million worldwide) A Guest Review by Karl Hoegle John Robinson (John Hurt)Super Dad! Maureen Robinson (Mimi Rodgers)The glue that keeps the family together. Judy Robinson (Heather [...]

The Giant of Metropolis (1961)

Directed by Umberto Scarpelli Written by Gino Stafford, Sabatino Cuiffini, Oreste Palella, Amabrogio Moltaeni, Umberto Scarpelli, and Emimmo Salvi (whew!) Run Time: 92 minutes Tagline: See! The Dwarfs of Death! See! The City Destroyed by Cataclysm! See! Women Who Live Forever! [NOTE: There are no women who live forever in this movie.] Memorable Quote: “Only [...]

Kronos (1957)

Directed by Kurt Neumann Run Time: 78 minutes Tagline: PLANET ROBBER TRAMPLES EARTH…STEALING ENERGY FOR OTHER WORLDS! Kronos is a little 50’s sci-fi treat that I somehow missed earlier in my misspent life. And since I thoroughly enjoyed it I’m going to feel a little guilty as I make fun of it. So I want [...]

Lady in the Water (2006)

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan Written by M. Night Shyamalan Co-Starring M. Night Shyamalan Produced by M. Night Shyamalan Run Time: 109 Minutes Tagline: Time is running out for a happy ending. Like most people on the planet, I was terrifically impressed by M. Night Shyamalan’s 1999 debut The Sixth Sense. I was wrapped up [...]

Latitude Zero (1969)

Directed by Ishiro Honda Run Time: 89 minutes Tagline: Discover the incredible world of tomorrow…15 miles straight down at LATITUDE ZERO! The sci-fi world of the late 60’s saw a number of weird Anglo-Japanese mutations spring to life, like the terrifying space-born menace, The Green Slime. And just as wondrously, the 1969 fantasia about an [...]

Attack From Space (1964)

Directed by Ishii, Akira Mitsuwa, Koreyoshi Akasakai Written by Ichiro Miyagawa Tagline: “When evil Space Nazis from the Sapphire Galaxy seek to destroy the earth, only a Japanese man of steel in white tights can save us!” (OK, I made that up. I couldn’t find an official tagline.) Run Time: 76 minutes 1957 was a [...]