Cindy Goes To A Party (1955)


Summary: Girls just want to have fun.

Ahhh, yes, another "Young America Films" production intent on destroying all confidence and pride a young person would ever dare to have.

Open with the titular Cindy goofing around outside playing basketball with her young male friend, Dennis. (Wow! What a great name!) Alarm bells should be going off in your head as you realize that Cindy is a, <gasp>, Tomboy! Not only is she playing a "boy’s" sport, she’s wearing jeans and her shirt is <gasp!!!> untucked!

Anyway, Cindy’s mom calls her inside. As she takes her leave, her friend mentions Mary’s party

Cindy Goes To A Party

the next day. Alas, Cindy wasn’t invited but that’s ok because she "never has fun at parties anyway." (Judging from the parties I’ve seen in these freakin’ newsreels I can’t say that I blame her!)

Later that evening, Cindy asks her mom why Mary didn’t invite her. "They probably thought I wouldn’t know how to act," Cindy dejectedly murmurs as mama fiddles with her hair.

As Cindy pulls up the covers and falls asleep, an ethereal voice rouses her from her slumber. Why it’s Cindy’s "fairy godmother". (Uh, OK…)

"Sure….", Cindy suspiciously growls after seeing this woman appear out of thin air.

As it turns out, FGM says that it’s time to get Cindy "ready" if she’s going to make the party the next day.

"Oh, I wasn’t invited," says Cindy.

"Ooooo! You’ve been invited," FGM chuckles, "I’ve seen to that!" (Hmmm.)

"But the party isn’t until this afternoon," Cindy says. (Huh?! Then why the hell is she in her pajamas going to sleep? What the hell time is it?)

"OK, out of bed," FGM commands. Cindy hops out from under the covers at which time FGM comments, "Oh! What a mess!" (Damn! Those 50’s FGM didn’t sugar coat it, did they?)

Never fear, a flick of her Magic Wand, and Cindy is magically decked out in a fancy dress.

"Oh, but this isn’t my best dress," Cindy notes.

FGM reminds her that attending a party is not about showing off your clothes. Rather it’s important to

Cindy Goes To A Party

The secret to successful parties.

A wave of her wand, and FGM and Cindy teleport to Mary’s house for the big event. (I’m assuming that FGM is invisible to others but what the hell do I know.)

"I hope everyone else is here," says Cindy, "I hate to be the first one at the party."

"I don’t blame you," FGM agrees, "nobody likes to wait for the party to start." (Yeah, like she’d know about that.)

"The party doesn’t really start until everybody arrives," FGM adds as she flicks her wand and reveals the second secret in the art of successful partying:

Cindy Goes To A Party

So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong my whole life…

Even more importantly (and I know this by bitter experience):

Cindy Goes To A Party

Now she tells me.

On a serious note, FGM sternly reminds Cindy that "you can ruin a party by staying too long, and making everybody tired and bored." (Man, does that sound like my last garden party…)

As other children arrive FGM disappears leaving Cindy rambling out loud to nobody. ("I was just thinking to myself…I guess," Cindy says to her curious comrades.)

Once inside, Cindy exchanges a few words with a surprised Dennis, who is lounging against a chest of drawers beside a picture of "Whistler’s Mother" (!). (And boy, nothing says "PARTY!" like a "Whistler’s Mother" print.)

Cindy tries to explain that her FGM arranged the invitation, and as she continues chatting, FGM replaces Whistler’s mother in the painting. (Man…that was trippy.)

Cindy Goes To A Party Cindy Goes To A Party

You saw it here first, folks.

"She’s going to help us enjoy the party," Cindy says as Dennis rubs his eyes in astonishment.

To my horror, FGM pops out of the painting but is visible only to Cindy and Dennis.

"You see, they’re setting up for a game of musical chairs," FGM laughs.

"Awww! But I don’t like musical…", Dennis begins, but before he can finish, FGM taps his hand with her wand and teleports him into position upon one of the chairs in the musical chair circle. (You will have fun, damn it!!!)

Cindy Goes To A Party

Have fun…or else!

"Join in whole heartedly to any game suggested!" scolds FGM.

Dennis takes her advice and begins racing around the chairs with the rest of the children. In his eagerness, Dennis nearly topples a table lamp. This give FGM an opportunity to present a pair of caveats:

Cindy Goes To A Party

Cindy Goes To A Party

You thought it’d be easy to have fun, didn’t you Dennis?

"Gee, thanks," Dennis says.

"Yeah, and you lost your chair too," Cindy gleefully tell him, "you’re out of the game! That’s what you get for bumping into things."

(Wow. Fun party, eh Dennis?)

Dennis laughs and tells FGM that "She’s only kidding." However, this brings up yet another important point:

Cindy Goes To A Party

We’re having some fun now, eh?

When the music starts up again, Cindy races off to rejoin the game.

"Well, what do I do?" asks Dennis, who has been reduced to a mindless piece of putty by FGM’s never ending list of regulations.

Cindy Goes To A Party Cindy Goes To A Party

Obey. Obey. Obey.

With Cindy and Dennis successfully brainwashed, FGM takes her leave as the game of musical chairs comes to an end. Cindy wins, but it’s a close call, so she good-naturedly says it’s a tie. (Yeah, because, you know, admitting that you won when you actually did win is bad.)

"Hey, that was fun," Dennis remarks with about as much enthusiasm as a guy making a colostomy appointment.

Cindy Goes To A Party

Be a robot.

"I just hope I can remember all the rules," says Dennis with a note of genuine concern.

"That’s easy," FGM reassures him:

Cindy Goes To A Party Cindy Goes To A Party

Just be yourself and have fun…you worthless punk.

The games continue as FGM shrinks herself down in size and watches from behind a mantle piece clock to make sure that, er, Dennis is having fun and being a nice little robot.

Cindy Goes To A Party

Just relax…oh, and have fun, damn it!

As the party winds down, cake is served which naturally gives FGM yet another freakin’ chance to pop in and chastise Cindy and Dennis.

Cindy Goes To A Party

FGM quickly turns somber. "Well, I guess you don’t need me anymore."

"Oh, yes we do!" says Cindy enthusiastically. (Dennis, unsurprisingly, doesn’t say a word.)

"You can’t see or hear fairies unless you need them," FGM informs them. (Oh, so that’s how it works.)

With a final parting reminder, FGM disappears from Cindy and Dennis’ lives…for now.

Cindy Goes To A Party

Jesus! Now I’m getting paranoid!

As you might have guessed, this horrible party experience was just a dream. When Cindy awakes, Mary’s sister is standing beside her bed with an invitation to the party. Cindy gasps when she sees that Mary’s sister is none other than FGM.

Wow, who woulda thunk it?

Conclusion: Die, Fairy God Mother, Die!

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  • Guts3d

    “Join in whole heartedly to any game suggested!” scolds FGM.

    Hope it isn’t a key party!

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