More Dangerous Than Dynamite (195?)

More Dangerous Than Dynamite

Summary: Maybe this is Darwinian selection at work…

After watching the opening credits we see a montage of dynamite blasts.

We learn, unsurprisingly, that thousands of people die each year from accidents in the home. OK, I’ll buy that. Such accidents, as we are shown, include leaving the iron tipped over on a shirt while answering the door, falling asleep with a cigarette, and so on. No big surprises here either.

THe big shocker comes with the following card:

More Dangerous Than Dynamite

Oh goodie! Can we watch some stuff get blown up now?

We see a series of newspaper headlines refering to women getting burned and blown up at home because of, yes: cleaning their clothes with gasoline!

Now, I’m no rocket scientist…but does it really take an Einstein to see the inherent danger in this?

More Dangerous Than Dynamite

Am I really seeing this?

We are now shown a "Reputable" dry cleaning company, staffed by "men" the narrator explicitely points out. These men are trained in the safe way to handle dry cleaning chemicals. "What chance has the housewife without these safeguards?"

I’m sure we’ll soon see.

Back home, the housewife continues dumping copious quantities of gasoline into her washing bowl, while ominous music plays in the background…but still no explosion. We instead return to the dry cleaning company and watch a Fire Marshall makeing an inspection…man, I’m going to be disappointed if something doesn’t blow up.

More Dangerous Than Dynamite

Oh my God. The woman is dry cleaning her clothes with gasoline…while making a pot of tea over an open flame.

As expected, the kitchen bursts into flame and the housewife run outside, covered in cartoon flame!

Hey! I recognize that bit! That’s from that old Devo video for "It’s a Beautiful World". Man! Talk about bringing back old memories!

Anyway, back to our drama.

Her husband throws a blanket over her, with the Narrator hilariously saying, "That’s it…wrap her up. Wait! But not over her head! She’ll inhale the flames!"

The fire department arrives. Ambulances drive away to the hospital. Children arrive at the hospital. A burn victim lies wrapped in gauze from head to toe.

Conclusion: Did people really dry clean their own clothes with gas? Incredible!

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