Office Etiquette (1950)

Summary: You women better behave yourselves, ya hear?!

We open with a woman’s voiceover looking back with fondness to her first typing class where she not only learned how to type, but also how to "get along" in a business "environment."

Ahhh yes, the joy of watching a classroom full of zomboid teenagers banging away on clattering mechanical typewriters while the narrator reminds us that the Golden Rule also applies at the office.

Scenes like these are what makes writing for my website such a joy.

Fade to later when our young narrator, Joan, has just completed her first job application and delivers it to her potential boss, Mr. Randall.

Randall glances at Joan’s application and notes that she’s a former student of Mrs. Purcell, the typing teaching. "Mrs. Purcell’s recommendation has a lot of influence here," he mentions, because, you know, large businesses always base their hiring decisions on input from high-school typing teachers.

"Can you start Monday morning," Randall abruptly asks. Joan immediately accepts the job offer.

"You know," Randall continues, "we’re a small company. Getting along with people is pretty important around here…do you think you can do that?"

Now, I’m thinking that if a guy would have said that to a young new-hire these days, he’d be smacked with a sexual harassment suit, but hey, things were simpler back then.

"Getting along is pretty important around here…heh heh."

Well, that Monday, Joan’s first day on the job, things go pretty well even though in the upcoming weeks there was "many a-night" where she had to take work home to get everything done. Yes, and I’ve spent many a-night writing up reviews of crappy news reels, do you see me complaining? (Don’t answer that.)

Man, this goes on and on and on. Horrid stuff. Joan learns to gracefully admit her mistakes, get along with everybody, and…damn. I guess I’m 0 for 2 today. I just can’t take these social reels tonight.

Conclusion: The Horror.

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  • Guts3d

    Seems like this could be a “Short” from Mystery Science Theater 3000. They did a lot of these old reels!

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