Anybody know this movie?

Another email with a cry for help to find this movie:

“I saw a movie as a child, it had a creature that was about a foot high(moved around like the little robot vacuums), it had a tentacle that would grab people and suck the ‘bones’ out of them”

Anybody have any idea what this […]

New Review: Kottentail

Kottentail (2007)

Well, I have seen killer rabbit movies before, but not quite this low budget and goofy. A genetically mutated rabbit bites a vegetable farmer named, yes, “Kottentail”…I think you can figure out the rest.

But if you can’t, here’s the trailer to help you decide:ยจ


Belated RIP to Ray Harryhausen

Big shoes to fill if anybody can follow him. My fondest memories of him are from the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans…damn, that was a good movie. Sure, I watch it now and then and, sure, it’s cheesy, but the special effects are still awesome!

Well, another icon falls. Rest easy, Harry.


New Review: Things

Things (1989)

Canada’s first Direct-to-DVD horror flick, filmed on a shoestring budget (probably spent mostly on beer), “Things” is something to be experienced rather than seen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Here’s the trailer…you decide if you want to continue


“Evil Dead” remake….eh…why?

(Disclaimer: I haven’t seen this yet)

So, yeah, I know there’s an Evil Dead remake, and when I saw the poster I got a little suspicious with all the HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS PRAISING THIS MOVIE! I also get very suspicious when the IMDB rating for a film is already up to 7.4 and it’s […]

Roger Ebert

This news made me surprisingly sad when I found out earlier today. Maybe it’s because another one of my childhood icons is gone, maybe it’s because a witty, sharp reviewer will no longer be around to skewer crappy Hollywood movies. Maybe it’s both.

I remember watching “At the Movies” together with my dad way […]

It Feeds On The Living!

Late breaking news from New York’s one and only Sean Ledden:


Last weekend unsuspecting movie-goers in Chicago were the first people in 54 years to see a brand new trailer for a horror movie that never was. The twisted brain-child of movie mystery man Doug McKeown, best […]

“Good” memories…Things (1989)

I know I’ve brought this up before, but the movie “Things” from way back in 1989 is one of the weirdest ultra-low budget films I’ve ever seen. I stumbled across the trailer and was inspired to mention it again. Somebody sent me a link to a online store where you can purchase this…Things (1989) but […]

New Review: Dollman vs the Demonic Toys

Dollman vs the Demonic Toys (1993)

Merry Christmas…and here’s your gift from the Monster Shack: Dollman vs the Demonic Toys! I hope you’ve had fun in the Shack this year, and let’s look forward to even more insane, cheesy, grade-z movies in the days to come! Huzzah!


Video Bite: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Hi everybody, since my time is extremely limited these days, I think I’m going to have to try and push out some mini-reviews, i.e., Video Bites. I’m still working on longer reviews when I can find the time, but if I’m going to get anything posted here…ever…it’s going to have to be short-and-sweet.

So, here […]

Anybody recognize this movie?

I got an email today asking if anybody could recall the name of this movie:

“…I saw a movie (50s-early 60s maybe?) when I was a kid that was incredibly weird and cool about an invisible monster menacing an isolated desert town. You never saw it but it made footprints and an ominous shovel sound […]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Monster Shack staff!

New Review: Frankenfish

Frankenfish (2004)

A giant mutant fish terrorizes swamp country deep down in Georgia…Can the city-slickers save the day? Read the review and find out!

Summer is over…back to work!

That’s right! After a much needed summer hiatus, the Monster Shack staff has returned to the office and are busily watching crappy movies just for you.

So hang in there…new reviews are on the way!

Can anybody name this movie?…

From the Monster Shack mailbox:

“All I can remember is that there were some monsters (or something) living underground (possible in the desert)and as people would be walking along, these monster-things would reach up through the ground and grab a person by the legs and drag them under. I sort of remember there being underground […]

New Review: Megalodon

Megalodon (2002)

Megaladon! A giant, crabby shark that eats CGI mini-subs for breakfast! Num! And that’s about as exciting as it gets.

New Review: Rattlers

This is Rattlers…..what a way to die!

Rattlers (1976)

Some rattle snakes get pissed off when the Army dumps toxic waste on them…who can blame them?

Big Budget stink bomb explodes in a theater near you!

Stalwart Monster Shack correspondent Sean Ledden sends in this news bit from the mean streets of New York:

Discerning Monster Shack readers might already be alerted to the fact, but “Lockout” the new French sci-fi action movie written by “Mr. Subtlety” himself Luc Besson went off in theaters last week. According to the cool, unemotional […]

New Review: Night Train to Terror

Hi again, and thanks for your patience. I’ve been really busy with something called “Real Life”…you know that thing that you have to do when you can’t watch movies or play video games? So I’ve had to do some soul searching and basically I have to make the review formats much more concise if I’m […]

Double Guest Review…wow! Monster (2008) and Troll Hunter (2010)

Sean Ledden comes through again delivering 2 great reviews of 1 great film…and one really bad one. Which is which? I hope you would know already, but go ahead and check out the reviews to be sure. (Hint: The good movie’s original title is “Trolljegeren”.)

Monster (2008) Troll Hunter (2010)

Thanks again, […]