Sean gets cranky and rips into the new Battlestar Galactica

Sean has had enough of the new Battlestar and artfully deconstructs it on his Better Tomorrow blog.

Pop on over and check it out it. I sure as heck never knew there was so much going on between the lines…

BTW: When I was a kid, I always wanted the Cylons to win. […]

Godzilla 2014 Sequel?

Let’s not get TOO excited, but it looks like we could be in for a buch more monster beat downs in the near future:

Godzilla sequel in the making.

Thanks to Sean for the tip, our ever diligent Godzilla afficianado!

New Review: Machine Head

Machine Head (2000)

Meet nerdy high-school science geek Max. He’s found a way to resurrect the dead using a home computer and a lawn mower engine. Boy, what could possibly go wrong with that?…

Oh and here’s the trailer…thank me later.


New Review: Godzilla

Godzilla (1998)

The year: 1998. The event: a big budget Hollywood version of “Godzilla.” The result: a movie that will live in infamy! Were Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich trying to avenge Pearl Harbor by making this fiasco, or did they have darker, more sinister motives? Read the review and find out!

Thanks Sean […]

New Review: The X from Outer Space

The X from Outer Space (1967)

Sean Ledden steps up to the plate and delivers a great review of The X from Outer Space, a tale of Space Age optimism permeated by rocket ships, alcohol, repressed jealousy, and a Giant Space-Chicken of Mass Destruction!



Godzilla Trailer Review

Thanks Sean for a cool write up of what I’m totally hoping is going to be a great movie. (Yeah, I wrote “totally”, I can’t believe it…that shows how giddy I am)

Godzilla Trailer Review

Rock-n-Roll Nightmare…full movie on YouTube

Yes! One of the greatest, cheesiest monster movies of all time is now on YouTube if you want to watch it…and why in the world wouldn’t you!

You can read my humble review of it first, if you want to.

NOTE: The title in the movie is “The Edge of Hell”, but don’t worry, […]

New Review: Sharknado

Sharknado (2013)

Abandon all reason, ye who enter here!

Want a taste?….here you go:

Godzilla 2014

Hey Shack Fans, Sean drops another tidbit from the icy East coast:

A mere 16 years after the abomination of 1998 Godzilla will again reach American shores. This time for real, it seems! The first Official Teaser Trailer has been released, and I arranged an exclusive deal with Warner Brothers for a Monster Shack Official […]

New Review: The Incredible Melting Man

The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

Astronaut Steve Rebar (!) ventures too close to Saturn and ends up melting, pissed off, and ready to kill! All in all, a silly 70’s monster flick that is best watched from the sofa on a rainy day and plenty of beer in the fridge.


New Review: Midnight Movie Massacre

Midnight Movie Massacre (1988)

Sean Ledden braves a look back at a crappy 80’s sci-fi flick called “Midnight Movie Massacre”…and yeah, it’s pretty bad. In his own words:

“Something about 1980’s-style amateur evil seems to be hovering in the delightfully dank air of The Monster Shack. I stumbled upon 1988’s “Midnight Movie Massacre” […]

Anybody know this movie?

Another email with a cry for help to find this movie:

“I saw a movie as a child, it had a creature that was about a foot high(moved around like the little robot vacuums), it had a tentacle that would grab people and suck the ‘bones’ out of them”

Anybody have any idea what this […]

New Review: Kottentail

Kottentail (2007)

Well, I have seen killer rabbit movies before, but not quite this low budget and goofy. A genetically mutated rabbit bites a vegetable farmer named, yes, “Kottentail”…I think you can figure out the rest.

But if you can’t, here’s the trailer to help you decide:ยจ


Belated RIP to Ray Harryhausen

Big shoes to fill if anybody can follow him. My fondest memories of him are from the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans…damn, that was a good movie. Sure, I watch it now and then and, sure, it’s cheesy, but the special effects are still awesome!

Well, another icon falls. Rest easy, Harry.


New Review: Things

Things (1989)

Canada’s first Direct-to-DVD horror flick, filmed on a shoestring budget (probably spent mostly on beer), “Things” is something to be experienced rather than seen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Here’s the trailer…you decide if you want to continue


“Evil Dead” remake….eh…why?

(Disclaimer: I haven’t seen this yet)

So, yeah, I know there’s an Evil Dead remake, and when I saw the poster I got a little suspicious with all the HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS PRAISING THIS MOVIE! I also get very suspicious when the IMDB rating for a film is already up to 7.4 and it’s […]

Roger Ebert

This news made me surprisingly sad when I found out earlier today. Maybe it’s because another one of my childhood icons is gone, maybe it’s because a witty, sharp reviewer will no longer be around to skewer crappy Hollywood movies. Maybe it’s both.

I remember watching “At the Movies” together with my dad way […]

It Feeds On The Living!

Late breaking news from New York’s one and only Sean Ledden:


Last weekend unsuspecting movie-goers in Chicago were the first people in 54 years to see a brand new trailer for a horror movie that never was. The twisted brain-child of movie mystery man Doug McKeown, best […]

“Good” memories…Things (1989)

I know I’ve brought this up before, but the movie “Things” from way back in 1989 is one of the weirdest ultra-low budget films I’ve ever seen. I stumbled across the trailer and was inspired to mention it again. Somebody sent me a link to a online store where you can purchase this…Things (1989) but […]

New Review: Dollman vs the Demonic Toys

Dollman vs the Demonic Toys (1993)

Merry Christmas…and here’s your gift from the Monster Shack: Dollman vs the Demonic Toys! I hope you’ve had fun in the Shack this year, and let’s look forward to even more insane, cheesy, grade-z movies in the days to come! Huzzah!