Sharp LC8 Calculator (197?)

Sharp LC8 Calculator

Summary: A nostalgic look at how things once were…"One with all the calculator know-how you’ll probably ever need."

Open with a strange montage of voiceovers bitching about the costs of "paper work". Why, I wonder if there is any product out there that can alleviate our woes?

"There’s gotta be an answer!" a voice pleads.

"Introducing: The Answer"…yes, pull back camera to show the Sharp Calculator…all 8-digits of computer power at your fingertips…"A really fast thinker!" we’re informed.

Yes, marvel at the "world’s smallest electronic calculator": the size of a dollar bill.

Oh, and you’d better hurry and take advantage of this one time low price: $345 (!!!!)

Sharp LC8 Calculator

At that price, I’ll take two.

Conclusion: You know you’re getting old when you actually remember these things…

1 comment to Sharp LC8 Calculator (197?)

  • Guts3d

    You can buy a calculator with 10 times the functions for $20 nowadays. I have seen solar power calculators at the Dollar Store, with all of the functions that this one had. I remember my brother took out a loan to buy one when he went to college!

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