Rattlers (1976)

Directed by John McCauley

Written by Jerry Golding, John McCauley

Run Time: 82 minutes

25 Words or Less:

Rattlesnakes get pissed off when the military dumps toxic waste on them.

Hi Lites

Stack Footage

Plenty of stock footage from ancient nature reels, complete with defects in the […]

The Swarm (1978)

Directed by Irwin Allen

Based on the novel by Arthur Herzog Jr., Screenplay by Stirling Silliphant

Tagline: “It’s more than a speculation – it’s a prediction!”

Run Time: 156 minute Director’s Cut (Yeah, baby! 2 and a half hours of cheese!)

“I never dreamed that it would turn out to […]

Reptilicus (1961)

Written and directed by Sidney W. Pink

Tagline: “A prehistoric beast born 50 million years out of time!”

Run Time: 81 min

To give you an idea of just how bad this movie is, consider that the film’s American distributor, the infamous American International Pictures (AIP) (who would distribute anything as […]

Monster A-Go Go (1965)

Written and Directed by Bill Rebane / Herschell Gordon Lewis

Tagline: “An Anstronaut Went Up — ‘Guess What’ Came Down!”

Run Time: 69 min

Other titles: "Terror at Halfday"

What do you get when renowned B-movie schlock-meister Bill Rebane (Director of The Giant Spider Invasion) runs out of money […]

Megaforce (1982)

Directed by Hal Needham

Tagline: “When the force was with them, NO-ONE stood a chance!”

Run Time: 99 minutes

Megaforce is, I must admit, a guilty pleasure from my long lost past that I’m still able to enjoy as a jaded adult. (My other guilty pleasures from that era are now […]

It Conquered the World (1956)

Directed by Roger Corman

Written by Lou Rusoff

Tagline: "Every man its prisoner…every woman its slave!"

Run Time: 71 min

“This superior intelligence happens to be a personal friend of mine…”– Dr. Anderson

“Stupidity restrains mankind’s progress…I’ve been a continual victim of it myself.”– Dr. Anderson

I’m certain […]

Hobgoblins (1987)

Written and directed by Rick Sloane

Tagline: "Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it!"

Run Time: 92 min

“We have to get out of here! Something wild and uncontrollable is loose!”– Daphne

Wow. I’m getting old. I’m going to make a confession: I graduated from high-school in 1987. […]

The Giant Claw (1957)

Directed by Fred Sears

Written by Paul Gangelin and Samuel Newman

Tagline: "Flying beast out of prehistoric skies!"

Run Time: 75 min

“An electronics engineer, a radar officer, a mathematician and systems analyst, a radar operator, a couple of plotters. People doing a job, well, efficiently, serious, having fun, […]

The Creeping Terror (1964)

Directed by Arthur Nelson

Written by Robert Silliphant

Run Time: 75 min

Other Titles: "Dangerous Charter"

It’s not everyday that we come across a film comparable to Manos: The Hands of Fate or Monster A-Go Go in terms of sheer ineptitude and laziness, not to mention that elusive […]

Cloverfield (2008)

Produced by J. J. Abrams

Tagline: “Some Thing Has Found Us”

A guest review by stalwart contributor Sean Ledden

Most of the movies ridiculed, I mean critiqued, at the Monster Shack are prehistoric artifacts from a murky past. Born from the swampy fringes of a by-gone Hollywood, they lumbered across the land […]

Beginning of the End (1957)

Directed by Bert I. Gordon

Written by Fred Freiberger

Tagline: "New thrills! New shocks! New terror!"

Run Time: 76 min

“Working with radiation can be dangerous.”– Ed

The 1950’s were indeed a dangerous time for us poor humans. Never before had we be subjected to so many […]