Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)

Written and Directed by: Robert J. Gurney Tagline: “From Time Unborn … A Hideous She-Thing!” Run Time: 66 min Other titles: "Cage of Doom ", "The Girl from 5,000 A.D." Summary: Scientist break the "time barrier" and bring back an unexpected visitor with sparkling fingernails and spacey high-heels. Recap: Two scientists, Prof. Erling and Victor, [...]

Earth vs The Spider (1958)

Written and Directed by Bert I. Gordon Tagline: " Bullets…won’t kill it! Flames…can’t burn it! Nothing…can stop it!" Run Time: 73 min “Speaking of spiders…insects have a pretty simple nervous system.”- Mr. Kingman, science teacher Bert does it again. The king of ‘rip-offs’ and bad special effects has treated us to another film featuring, well, [...]

Devil Girl From Mars (1954)

Directed by David MacDonald Written by James Eastwood Tagline: "Invasion from outer space!" Run Time: 77 min “Mrs. Jamieson, allow me to introduce your newest guest. Ms. Nyah. She comes from Mars.”- Carter One of the hazards of reviewing a "bad" movie is the all too real danger of winding up liking it; a type [...]

Bride of the Monster (1955)

Written and directed by Ed Wood Jr. Tagline: "More horrifying than ‘Dracula’ – ‘Frankenstein’" Run Time: 68 min Other titles: "Bride of the Atom " “This swamp is a monument to death. Snakes, alligators, quicksand… all bent on one thing: destruction!”- Lt. Craig I would like to say from the start that I am an [...]

The Black Scorpion (1957)

Directed by Edward Ludwig Written by Robert Blees Tagline: "The management reserves the right to put up the lights any time the audience becomes too emotionally disturbed. We urge you not to panic or bolt from your seats." Run Time: 88 min “Me and Doc have been down many a-cave!”- Dr. Scott Another big bug [...]

The Atomic Brain (1964)

Directed by Joseph V. Mascelli Written by Sue Bradford and Dean Dillman Jr. Tagline: "Chained…to the devil’s love lab!" Run Time: 64 min Other Titles: "Monstrosity" “They never got a penny…Oh! How she made them sweat. Especially this old fool…companion, and gigolo. How many years she’s kept him dangling on promises…Well, sometimes it’s convenient to [...]