Kottentail (2007)

Written and Directed by Tony Urban Run Time: 90 minutes 25 Words or Less: Mutant rabbit bites man. Man mutates and attacks scantily clad women. Dennis laughs. The Cast FredericoCould a rabbit this cute be the source of so much mayhem? Why sure, because he’s genetically mutated! Hans Köttentail (Nathan Faudree)Hans’s quiet life comes to [...]

Boa vs Python (2004)

Directed by David Flores Written by Chase Parker and Sam Wells Run Time: 92minutes Tagline: Get Ready To Rumble… Not too much to discuss here, so this review is going to be a bit shorter than usual. I was excited to watch this Bulgarian quickie-production when I first saw the DVD cover proudly displaying 2 [...]

Mesa of Lost Women (1953)

Directed by Ron Ormond Written by Herbert Tevos Tagline: "A race of deadly spider-women luring men to their death!" Run Time: 70 min Other titles: "Lost Women of Zarpa" “In the continuing war for survival between man and the hexapods, only an utter fool would bet against the insect.”- Narrator Imagine an alternate universe if [...]

Devil Fish (1984)

Directed by Lamberto Bava Story by Luigi Cozzi (Screenplay: Gianfranco Clerici) Tagline: "Sink your teeth into pure terror." Run Time: 90 min Other Titles: "Devouring Waves", "Monster Shark", "Red Shark In the Ocean" “At first sight I say it was a shark. And a big one at that. But not necessarily.”- Dr. Davis A terrible [...]

Blackenstein (1973)

Directed by William Levey Written by Frank R. Saletri Run Time: 87 min “The DNA formula just isn’t taking hold…We must work on a locking feature.”- Dr. Stein Reviewing Blackenstein gave me the opportunity to take a long overdue side-trip into the world of "Blaxploitation" cinema; a genre which I always find entertaining and on [...]

Beginning of the End (1957)

Directed by Bert I. Gordon Written by Fred Freiberger Tagline: "New thrills! New shocks! New terror!" Run Time: 76 min “Working with radiation can be dangerous.”- Ed The 1950′s were indeed a dangerous time for us poor humans. Never before had we be subjected to so many attacks by giant critters: insects in particular. After [...]