Santa Claus (1959)

Written and Directed by Rene Cardona Tagline: “See All the Weird and Wonderful Characters of Make-Believe! The Fantastic Crystal Work-Room of the Happy Elves! The Fabulous Realm of the Candy-Stick Palaces!” Run Time: 94 min “This is Santa’s Magic Observatory. What wonderful instruments! The Ear Scope! The Teletalker, that knows everything! The Cosmic Telescope! The [...]

The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy (1958)

Directed by Rafael Portillo Written by Guillermo Calderon Tagline: “See the relentless machine battle the gruesome corpse!” Run Time: 65 min Other Titles: "La momia azteca contra el robot humano " “Stop and think about this: an army of robots obeying me! The human species…sheep obeying my orders! A new theory that man has not [...]

Mesa of Lost Women (1953)

Directed by Ron Ormond Written by Herbert Tevos Tagline: "A race of deadly spider-women luring men to their death!" Run Time: 70 min Other titles: "Lost Women of Zarpa" “In the continuing war for survival between man and the hexapods, only an utter fool would bet against the insect.”- Narrator Imagine an alternate universe if [...]

The Black Scorpion (1957)

Directed by Edward Ludwig Written by Robert Blees Tagline: "The management reserves the right to put up the lights any time the audience becomes too emotionally disturbed. We urge you not to panic or bolt from your seats." Run Time: 88 min “Me and Doc have been down many a-cave!”- Dr. Scott Another big bug [...]