They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1963)

Directed by Dave Bradley

Written by Steve Bennett, Peter Miles

Run Time: 91 minutes

Tagline: The most incredible plot to conquer the world!

Phil Day (Walter Stocker)

The most incompetent CID Agent the world has ever seen. Nevertheless, Phil is sent to Mandoras to save the world. Thank goodness he […]

Attack From Space (1964)

Directed by Ishii, Akira Mitsuwa, Koreyoshi Akasakai

Written by Ichiro Miyagawa

Tagline: “When evil Space Nazis from the Sapphire Galaxy seek to destroy the earth, only a Japanese man of steel in white tights can save us!” (OK, I made that up. I couldn’t find an official tagline.)

Run Time: […]

Zombie Lake (1981)

Directed by Jean Rollin

Tagline: “God help us if they rise again!”

Run Time: 90 minutes

Before we begin, I’d like to make something perfectly clear about this movie.

It sucks.

Watch something else.

Throw your TV out the window.

Run away.

But if you enjoy crappy movies, then, brother, this […]