Mesa of Lost Women (1953)

Directed by Ron Ormond Written by Herbert Tevos Tagline: "A race of deadly spider-women luring men to their death!" Run Time: 70 min Other titles: "Lost Women of Zarpa" “In the continuing war for survival between man and the hexapods, only an utter fool would bet against the insect.”- Narrator Imagine an alternate universe if [...]

Horrors of Spider Island (1960)

Written and Directed by Fritz Bottger Tagline: "Shock upon shock! Terror upon terror!" Run Time: 77 min Other Titles: "Ein Toter hing im Netz" “The boys will be surprised when they see how we’ve dressed ourselved up in our island costumes! They promised us real whiskey!”- Hot babe rejoicing at her rescue This horrid German [...]

The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

Directed by Bill Rebane Written by Robert Easton Run Time: 84 min Tagline: "Creeping!…Crawling!…Crushing!" Other Titles: "Invasion of the Giant Spiders" “Sometimes the only way I know you’re alive is when I hear you flush the toilet!”- Ev Bill Rebane is no stranger to schlock B-movies. His epic "The Giant Spider Invasion" is the pinnacle [...]

Earth vs The Spider (1958)

Written and Directed by Bert I. Gordon Tagline: " Bullets…won’t kill it! Flames…can’t burn it! Nothing…can stop it!" Run Time: 73 min “Speaking of spiders…insects have a pretty simple nervous system.”- Mr. Kingman, science teacher Bert does it again. The king of ‘rip-offs’ and bad special effects has treated us to another film featuring, well, [...]

Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1966)

Written and Directed by Arthur C. Pierce Tagline: “It’s the battle of the sexes as savage planet women attack female space invaders!” Run Time: 90 min Other titles: “Prehistoric Planet Women” As I was doing a little research for this film, I began to get a little exited when I saw that it was directed [...]