The Day Time Ended (1980)

Directed by John "Bud" Cardos (Yes, John "Outlaw of Gor" Carlos…) Run Time: 79 minutes Tagline: THEIR LIVES BECAME A LIVING HELL! Grant: "Steve, you know what this is don’t you?…It’s a Time Space Warp!" Steve: "I’m not sure I know exactly what that is." Grant: "I don’t suppose anybody really does." —————— Why? That [...]

Time of the Apes (1987)

Directed by Kiyo Sumi Fukazawa, Atsuo Okunaka Written by Sakyo Komatsu, Kouji Tonaka Run Time: 97 min “No!…I don’t wanna be killed by a monkey!”- Johnny Imagine yourself as a child at the zoo. The summer sun is high in the sky, the roars and cries of the animals fill the air, you’re eating ice [...]

Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)

Written and Directed by: Robert J. Gurney Tagline: “From Time Unborn … A Hideous She-Thing!” Run Time: 66 min Other titles: "Cage of Doom ", "The Girl from 5,000 A.D." Summary: Scientist break the "time barrier" and bring back an unexpected visitor with sparkling fingernails and spacey high-heels. Recap: Two scientists, Prof. Erling and Victor, [...]

Future War (1997)

Directed by Anthony Doublin Written by Dom Magwili Tagline: "Past Predator, Present Alien, Future Terminator" Run Time: 90 min Sister Ann: "Who are you?" Future Slave: "A tool." I don’t think I’ve hated a movie as much as Future War since I reviewed Hobgoblins a while back. Everything, everything, everything about this movie is poorly [...]

Contact (1997)

ATTACK OF THE SCI-FI SOAP OPERA SERIAL PART ONE by Sean Ledden PROLOGUE A couple of weeks ago my trusty TV of 14 years died a quick and unexpected death. Grief-stricken, I rushed out to buy a new flat-screen LCD and celebrated by watching some of my favorite old wide-screen spectacles, including Close Encounters of [...]