OK, I have to admit setting aside an hour every Saturday morning back when I was a wee Minneapolis lad in order to see the latest episode of “G.L.O.W.” aka: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Man, that was some fun stuff.

So, anyway, I’m in a cheesy 80’s mood and I’m scrounging around YouTube for […]

Supermen vs the Amazons (1975)

Directed by Alfonso Brescia

Written by Alfonso Brescia and Aldo Crudo

Run Time: 100 minutes

Tagline: Super-human feats of strength! Super-thrilling deeds of daring! Super-fantastic conquests of adventure!

Other Titles: Super Stooges vs the Wonder Women

Darma (Aldo Landi)

The mighty Darma is the last in a long […]

Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)

Written and Directed by: Robert J. Gurney

Tagline: “From Time Unborn … A Hideous She-Thing!”

Run Time: 66 min

Other titles: "Cage of Doom ", "The Girl from 5,000 A.D."


Scientist break the "time barrier" and bring back an unexpected visitor with sparkling fingernails and spacey high-heels.


The She-Creature (1956)

Directed by Edward L. Cahn

Written by Lou Rusoff

Tagline: “Hypnotized! Reincarnated as a monster from hell!”

Run Time: 77 min

“A creature out of time…the first life form of someone living today…over a million years old!”– Detective Sergeant

We open by seeing the mysterious Dr. Carlo Lombardi (Chester Morris), […]

Mesa of Lost Women (1953)

Directed by Ron Ormond

Written by Herbert Tevos

Tagline: "A race of deadly spider-women luring men to their death!"

Run Time: 70 min

Other titles: "Lost Women of Zarpa"

“In the continuing war for survival between man and the hexapods, only an utter fool would bet against the insect.”– […]

Fire Maidens of Outer Space (1956)

Written and Directed by Cy Roth

Tagline: "Out of This World SHOCK SENSATION!"

Run Time: 80 min

“From the expression on your face, professor, I’d say you’ve found the atmosphere on the thirteenth moon of Jupiter is similar to that of the one on Earth.”– Captain Larson

I want to state […]

Cat-Women of the Moon (1953)

Directed by Arthur Hilton

Written by Roy Hamilton

Tagline: "Love starved Moon-maidens on the prowl!"

Run Time: 64 min

“You’re too smart for me, baby…I like ’em stupid.”– Walt chatting up one of the Cat-Women

“Where there’s oxygen there’s life…and where there’s life there’s…death.”– Kip

A popular film […]