Writing Better Social Letters (1950)

Summary: As exciting as it sounds.

(Sorry for lack of screen shots. My copy of this video was of terrible quality. But don’t think I’d let you get away from this one just because of that!)

Do you lose sleep at night wondering if your social letters are up to snuff? Me neither.

Open with young Nora, sitting at a table struggling to write a letter to a friend. Her older brother, Wally, sits beside her writing his own letter.

"Are you done already?" she asks.

"Sure, sis. I just finished my letter to Aunt Helen and Uncle Ross." (Seriously: when’s the last time you write Uncle Ross?)

"I don’t know how you do it, Wally, you make it seem so…easy!" Sis remarks. (Uhh, hey kid, this aint rocket science, you know.)

"Walter," Sis begins before dropping the big question: "How do you write such good social letters?"

Wally begins by explaining the different types of letters and how "different letters are for different things."

Oh brother.

Screw Uncle Ross and his damn letter. I’m going to go have a Labatts.

Conclusion: Zzzzzzzzzz.

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