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News Reel Commentaries



News Reel Commentaries

Taking a look at your favorite news reels and commercials from the 40's, 50's, and 60's.


Nuclear War / Atomic Energy


Personal Hygene



More Dangerous Than Dynamite (195?): See why washing your clothes with gasoline is a bad idea...


According To Plan (1952): Learn about a new and revolutional material you can use to side your house: Asbestos!

The Best Made Plans (1956): The magic of plastic wrap!

The Electrical House (192?): A silent newsreel? Weird.

Sharp LC8 Calculator (197?): If you can remember these, then you're getting old like me.


Booze and Smokes

Labatts (196?): Mmmm...mmmm...boring!

Newport Menthol (196?): Smells like shit and tastes great too!



Arranging The Buffet Supper (1946): This newsreel tackles on off the most important social issues of our time...

Cindy Goes To A Party (1955): You think it's easy to have fun? So did Cindy and Dennis...

Dinner Party (1945): Watch how a simple dinner party can turn into a paranoid nightmare...

Writing Better Social Letters (1950): God. Did they know how to have fun back then.

Sharing Work at Home (1949): Mom picks up newspapers. Mom has nervous breakdown. Dennis has nervous breakdown. Dennis drinks beer.

Office Ettiquette (1950): Boy, secretaries sure had it made back then.

Movie Related Articles

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A comparison of the original "Blob" and its remake...
Interview with the creators of "B-Hive TV". An independent TV program for up and coming filmmakers.
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Good Films

Oh God, yes, I have occasionally stumbled upon a few movies that I actually liked.

These I have archived here.


Hidden diamonds in the rough. Beauty can be found anywhere if you will open your eyes to it...

Atari 2600 Shrine

Thinking back to when I used to skip school and play Atari all day in our musty basement...I'm getting misty eyed just thinking of these games...

Mark Twain Quotes

One of my favorite authors. Timeless quotes.


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