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Movie Related

Darksider's Realm here's something I can relate of bad movies! Reviews with an attitude! Check out this site for a good laugh...
B-Movie Central
Tons of movie reviews, links, and other goodies. A great resource for movie lovers!
B-Movie Film Vault
Entertaining reviews of delightfully horrible movies, FAQs, and links.
The Bad Movie Guy
As he says himself: "The Good, the Bad, and the Movies". A nice place to spend some time!
For the B-Movie sweet tooth in us all, make to check out this site!
Dante's Inferno
No holds barred reviews. Dante passes merciless judgement on movies that justly deserve it!
Side Order of Ninjas
A fun review site that focuses on the lesser-reviewed movies. A nice compliment to the standard fare of crappy movies.
Cult Classic Cinema
A great site with reviews of cult, horror, and just plain strange films. Make sure to pop in and check this one out!
Bad Movies.Org
Check out this immense site full of, you guessed it, bad movies. In addition to scathing reviews, Andrew includes lots of great multimedia from the films that rounds out the whole 'bad movie' experience.
Million Monkey Theater

Nathan's site includes tons of great reviews, articles, and a huge section on naval warfare to boot. If you can't find something you like here than you've got problems...
Bargain Bin Review

Scot is willing to go the distance, put on the latex gloves, and review the movies that nobody else dares to touch! Be sure to check out this fun site!
Chip Remington's World of Movies

A refreshing site with tons of good reading and hilarious reviews. Check it out!
IMDB Bottom 100

See the latest and greatest...the bottom of the movie food chain...and beyond


Norwegian Web Cams

See what the sweet life is like at this very moment!
Obsolete Computer Museum

You know you're getting old when you remember these.

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