Anthony Cardoza interview

In case anybody is interested, here is a link to an old Anthony Cardoza interview.

In case you don’t know who he is, Cardoza was one of the brains in Coleman Francis’ think tank and appeared in all of his movies as well. It’s an interesting conversation if you’re into bad movies, and, since you’re […]

Public domain newsreels

I don’t remember who it was that pointed me to this site, but it has tons, repeat tons of classic newsreels:

Prelinger Archives

Whoever you were that sent me this link so, so long ago, I salute you!

By the way, if you can find it, there is a Russian newsreel where they managed to […]

Mr. B.I.G.

I started a review of “Empire of the Ants” the other day (no promises when it will be done) and as much crap as I’ve given Bert I. Gordon on this site, you gotta hand it to the guy, he’s alive and kicking at age 80+, and still out there producing movies. So I thought […]

The Thing (1982)

Directed by John Carpenter

Story by John W. Campbell Jr. (Screenplay: Bill Lancaster)

Tagline: “Man is The Warmest Place to Hide”

Run Time: 109 min


The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (1993)

Directed and Written by Dave Borthwick

Run Time: 60 min

There are very few movies that I find haunting, even moving. The kind of movie that I just can’t get out of my head after seeing it. This is one of them. "The Secret Adventures of TomThumb" is a short, poignant, […]

Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922)

Directed by F.W. Murnau

Written by Henrik Galeen

Run Time: 81 min

Nosferatu certainly stands as one of the greatest films from the silent movie era, and indeed, a classic horror film that viewers still find entertaining to this day. German director F.W. Murnau wanted to make a movie […]

King Kong (1933)

Written by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack

Directed by Merian C. Cooper

Tagline: "The most awesome thriller of all time!"

Run Time: 100 min


Adventurer and film maker Carl Denham leads an expedition to an uncharted island in search of a legendary beast: Kong. The […]

I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)

Directed by Gene Fowler Jr.

Written by Herman Cohen and Aben Kandel

Tagline: "The most amazing motion picture of our time!"

Run Time: 76 min

Other titles: "Blood of the Werewolf "

Before I watch a movie, I feel it is very important to do a little […]

Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe (1940)

Directed by Ford Beebe and Ray Taylor

Tagline: "Zooming Off the Earth!"

Run Time: 12 episodes for a total of c. 195 min

A movie walk-through for the Rogue Reviewers “Hunky Heart-throbs” Round Table, Feburary, 2005

Character Round Up:

Larry “Buster” Crabbe as “Flash Gordon”

Carol Hughes […]

The Evil Dead (1981)

Written and Directed by Sam Raimi

Tagline: "Can They Be Stopped?"

Run Time: 85 min

Sam Raimi’s ground-breaking horror film, The Evil Dead stands as a classic gore-fest film that every horror fan is obliged to see at least once. Made nearly 25 years ago, the film still shocks […]

Office Etiquette (1950)

Summary: You women better behave yourselves, ya hear?!

We open with a woman’s voiceover looking back with fondness to her first typing class where she not only learned how to type, but also how to "get along" in a business "environment."

Ahhh yes, the joy of watching a classroom full of zomboid […]

Sharing Work At Home (1949)

Summary: See how you can help Mother avoid a nervous collapse by picking up after yourself, you slob.

Open with Howard and his father, cleverly referred to as "Dad" (boy, those guys at Coronet Instructional are just too good sometimes!) slapping up hideous, floral wallpaper in the living room. As the excitement […]

Writing Better Social Letters (1950)

Summary: As exciting as it sounds.

(Sorry for lack of screen shots. My copy of this video was of terrible quality. But don’t think I’d let you get away from this one just because of that!)

Do you lose sleep at night wondering if your social letters are up to snuff? […]

Cindy Goes To A Party (1955)

Summary: Girls just want to have fun.

Ahhh, yes, another "Young America Films" production intent on destroying all confidence and pride a young person would ever dare to have.

Open with the titular Cindy goofing around outside playing basketball with her young male friend, Dennis. (Wow! What a great name!) Alarm […]

Dinner Party (1945)

Summary: A totalitarian narrator points out every mistake, turning a dinner ‘party’ into an Orwellian nightmare!

This short film begins as most "social" news reels do: having the maid point out mistakes in a young girl’s dinner table preparations. (A napkin is out of place, the butter knife belongs on the butter dish, […]

Arranging The Buffet Supper (1946)

Summary: Never fear! This informative news reel will save your next buffet dinner!

Our favorite 1940’s housewife, June, is preparing for her upcoming buffet supper, and is wisely getting advice from her elderly grandmother. The following important issues are now discussed:

"What foods to offer? How it’s to be served? […]

Newport (196?)

Summary: Man, I wish I lived back in the days before smoking was bad for you.

A man runs down a busy city street trying to make his bus, but misses it.

Damn. Now I guess we have to sit through a commercial.

From out of nowhere a blast of cigarette smoke blows […]

Labatts (196?)

Summary: Ahhh, remember all the times you sat around enjoying a cold Labatts? Me neither.

Open with a man, attired in a drab grey suit, sitting alone at a table enjoying a, yes, you guessed it: Labatts.

"When you have a Labatts," the narrator informs us, "you have an adventure!"

Through the magic of […]

The Home Electrical (192?)

Summary: A nostalgic look at how things once were…"One with all the calculator know-how you’ll probably ever need."

I’m not sure of the date of this reel, but it’s a freakin’ silent movie, so can it be from the 30’s? Earlier? I tried to find the date of this one on the Internet but […]

Sharp LC8 Calculator (197?)

Summary: A nostalgic look at how things once were…"One with all the calculator know-how you’ll probably ever need."

Open with a strange montage of voiceovers bitching about the costs of "paper work". Why, I wonder if there is any product out there that can alleviate our woes?

"There’s gotta be an answer!" a voice […]