New Review: The Day Time Ended (1980)

Thanks to Karl for sending me a fresh set of crazy sci-fi DVDs to take a look at. I just couldn’t resist taking a closer look at this one:

The Day Time Ended

Thanks again, Karl, for the new material to dig through!

The Day Time Ended (1980)

Directed by John "Bud" Cardos (Yes, John "Outlaw of Gor" Carlos…)

Run Time: 79 minutes


Grant: "Steve, you know what this is don’t you?…It’s a Time Space Warp!"

Steve: "I’m not sure I know exactly what that is."

Grant: "I don’t suppose […]

Monsters on the Way

Thanks to Brian for sending this link to me; it looks like Brain and the Guys have put together a cool homage to all the crappy movies we love. In his words:

“”Monsters on the Way” is an original tribute song to b-movies from Scotland by VBF and Neil Robertson. Fron Ed Wood to the […]

If you’re an old nerd like me…

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