Carts of Darkness

A really cool independent documentary about some Canadian homeless guys that race their shopping carts down these gigantic hills. These guys are totally nuts but you have to admire their spirit…

If this embedded dealee-thingee doesn’t work for you, you can also check it out HERE

And now…the rest of the story

Here’s the story:

So, there I was, checking to see if any new posts were on the site, and man, the login page looked pretty weird. Strange. Then the admin page for the site was also pretty screwed up: weird layout, missing pictures, missing buttons, etc.

What could it be? Did I screw something […]

Yes, I know

Well, after nearly 6 years of smooth running the Shack has been hacked. No big deal, just have to clean up some stupid stuff.

WARNING: If you use FileZilla as an FTP client it saves FTP passwords in clear text!!!! You will be hacked!

I think this is what has happened:

You’ve been warned […]