Friday mad bit for you

Have a good weekend!

Where is this sample from…

Just got an email from a guy wondering if anybody could ID the movie that this sample is from…

The line is quite short, basically just “heh heh…destroy!” and occurs at about the 1:13 mark of this video.

I thought it sounded like the computer at the end of “Cosmos: War of the Planets”, but […]

Gymkata…man I miss movies like this

Well, I was slumming it in YouTube the other day and came across one of the most ludricrous fight scenes I ever remember seeing. Yes, the pommel horse fight scene in the Village of the Crazies from, yes, Gymkata! It really brought a tear to my eye, it’s so perfectly ridiculous, what with the mob […]

New Review: The Giant of Metropolis

Thanks to Sean for dropping off a fun review of a not-so-fun movie: Giant of Metropolis; featuring a muscle-bound lead and lot’s of walking, talking, and narration. No, the movie makes no sense. And yes, that’s why you keep coming back to this site, so enjoy!

The Giant of Metropolis (1961)


The Giant of Metropolis (1961)

Directed by Umberto Scarpelli

Written by Gino Stafford, Sabatino Cuiffini, Oreste Palella, Amabrogio Moltaeni, Umberto Scarpelli, and Emimmo Salvi (whew!)

Run Time: 92 minutes

Tagline: See! The Dwarfs of Death! See! The City Destroyed by Cataclysm! See! Women Who Live Forever! [NOTE: There are no women who live forever […]

Name that film – 3

Wow, people must think I know what I’m doing around here…yikes! Another “help me remember this film” email…

Anybody recognize this?

“he’s a short guy, about four foot tall, I believe he’s actually a puppet. Sort of like Chuckie, same sort of camera work, showing the legs when he walks/runs. I think he looks similar […]