New Review: Lost in Space

Thanks to Karl Hoegle for this nifty guest review of a movie so bad, so limp, and so dull that not even Gary Oldman could save it.

Lost in Space (1998)

And the critics rave:

– “There are so many contradictions and badly-thought out ideas surrounding that, it could physically injure you if you […]

Is it me, or does the new IMDB format suck?

Why did they get rid of the sidebar? What’s with this ugly layout….not to mention all of the apps that have to be re-written in order to parse the new html.


There, I feel better.

So long, Leslie

Yes, we all know Leslie Nielsen passed away this week. Very sad to see him go. Damn. I’ll never forget the first time I was re-watching Forbidden Planet and realized that the ship’s captain was “the same guy who plays Frank Drebin in ‘The Naked Gun’” Funny how he’s most remembered for that then Commander […]

Lost In Space (1998)

Directed by Stephen Hopkins

Written by Akiva Goldsman

Run Time: A whopping 130 minutes! [Dennis: Ouch!]

Tagline: Danger, Will Robinson!

Budget: 75 million Total US Gross: 69.102 Million (136 Million worldwide)

A Guest Review by Karl Hoegle


Ash & The Necronomicons

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been asked to check it out…yes, a Evil Dead inspired band, Ash & The Necronomicons! How cool is that! 🙂

Check out the site and push some traffic their way if you want…I gotta admit, this was a pretty cool idea.

An aspiring bad-film writer needs your feedback

Well, it looks like a new generation of bad-film makers is ready to unleash their wares upon the world.

T.J. Boone asked me to post a link to his newest bad-movie script. Feel free to check it out and give him (assuming he’s a him…Sorry if she’s a she) feedback at the bottom of the […]