Happy Birthday Jim Jarmusch

Another really cool movie maker. Has anybody else out there seen “Stranger Than Paradise”? Man, I LOVED that movie as a angst-ridden pseudo-existentialist teen…I really have to get around and buy that again some day.

Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy

“I bet one legend that keeps recurring throughout history, in every culture, is the story of Popeye.”

Happy Birthday David Lynch

A little belated (it was actually yesterday, January 20th), but still…thanks for some really mind-twisting movies…and thanks for warping my teenage brain with “Eraserhead”…Ha! and who could forget Dennis Hopper (R.I.P., sigh) as Frank Booth in “Blue Velvet”. I hope I’m not “Fan Boy’ing” too much here, but I really dig his movies.

Bed Bugs

I just got a spam comment from a (cough cough) “bed bug exterminator” (posted on the “The Swarm” review no less…ah, so clever). Anyway, it got me to thinking about this so called bed bug “epidemic” and my mind fills with questions:

Is it real or is it just because we have become more aware […]

Dead Malls

I’ve always had a thing for trolling around in dying malls. Having lived in Phoenix for many a’year I had the definite pleasure of seeing not a few once proud consumer centers fade into oblivion, often with a lingering finale before the bulldozers administered the coup de grace.

Anyway, here’s a fun site with lots […]

Windows “Sticky Keys”

I hate Windows “Sticky Keys” I hate Windows “Sticky Keys” I hate Windows “Sticky Keys” I hate Windows “Sticky Keys” I hate Windows “Sticky Keys”

Did I mention that I hate Windows “Sticky Keys”?