Big Budget stink bomb explodes in a theater near you!

Stalwart Monster Shack correspondent Sean Ledden sends in this news bit from the mean streets of New York:

Discerning Monster Shack readers might already be alerted to the fact, but “Lockout” the new French sci-fi action movie written by “Mr. Subtlety” himself Luc Besson went off in theaters last week. According to the cool, unemotional […]

New Review: Night Train to Terror

Hi again, and thanks for your patience. I’ve been really busy with something called “Real Life”…you know that thing that you have to do when you can’t watch movies or play video games? So I’ve had to do some soul searching and basically I have to make the review formats much more concise if I’m […]

Night Train To Terror (1985)

Directed by John Carr, Phillip Marshak, Tom McGowan, Jay Schlossberg-Cohen, and Gregg C. Tallas (whew!)

Written by Phillip Yordon

Run Time: 98 minutes

25 Words or Less:

Three movies, one never finished, edited into a full length film complete with God, Satan, boobs, and death machines. […]