New Review: Things

Things (1989)

Canada’s first Direct-to-DVD horror flick, filmed on a shoestring budget (probably spent mostly on beer), “Things” is something to be experienced rather than seen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Things (1989)

Written by Barry J. Gillis and Andrew Jordan

Directed by Andrew Jordan

Run Time: 83 minutes

25 Words or Less:

You’ll never be the same after "Things". Canada’s first direct-to-video horror movie!

Classic Lines:

"I’ve lived with the dead in New York City, but this […]

“Evil Dead” remake….eh…why?

(Disclaimer: I haven’t seen this yet)

So, yeah, I know there’s an Evil Dead remake, and when I saw the poster I got a little suspicious with all the HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS PRAISING THIS MOVIE! I also get very suspicious when the IMDB rating for a film is already up to 7.4 and it’s […]

Roger Ebert

This news made me surprisingly sad when I found out earlier today. Maybe it’s because another one of my childhood icons is gone, maybe it’s because a witty, sharp reviewer will no longer be around to skewer crappy Hollywood movies. Maybe it’s both.

I remember watching “At the Movies” together with my dad way […]