New Review: Killdozer (1974)

Killdozer (1974)

Here’s a classic, campy made-for-TV flick from the glorious 70’s: Killdozer. 6 construction workers are trapped on an island along with a possessed bulldozer. Ahhhh, they just don’t make them like they used to.

Killdozer (1974)

Written by Theodore Sturgen, Ed MacKillop

Directed by Jerry London

Run Time: 73 minutes

Any movie involving killer construction equipment must open in outer space, naturally, and this movie is no exception. It just makes sense, right? Scary music plays while a blue styrofoam asteroid hurtles towards Earth. Again, it […]

Busy, busy, busy

Just wanted to let my legion of fans out there, all 4 or 5 of you, that I’m still here and the Monster Shack is still alive and well. I’ve been really busy this summer with…well…I’ll spare you the details, but it’s leaving very little time for reviewing movies, unfortunately. I’m hoping things loosen up […]