An aspiring bad-film writer needs your feedback

Well, it looks like a new generation of bad-film makers is ready to unleash their wares upon the world.

T.J. Boone asked me to post a link to his newest bad-movie script. Feel free to check it out and give him (assuming he’s a him…Sorry if she’s a she) feedback at the bottom of the page.

Good luck T.J.!

4 comments to An aspiring bad-film writer needs your feedback

  • Sorry, but I think TJ misses the point of bad movies altogether.

    It’s not that they’re bad movies that helps us enjoy them. It’s the fact that the producers were completely unaware (or generally so) that they were producing such a bad movie that endears us to them. This weekend, I sat down and watched “The Creation of the Humanoids.” It’s roughly based (i.e. stolen) from Jack Williamson’s “The Humanoids” series. Andy Warhol regarded this movie as one of his favorites. And it’s awful.

    From the acting (pedestrian? no, more like a pedestrian who’s been run down in a crosswalk by a huge Chrysler) to the make-up (cliche android makeup akin to the level of Irwin Allen’s *ahem* “sf” series’–i.e. silvery blue body paint, gold lamee outfits with matching skull caps) to the pacing, the editing and even the direction. It’s truly a terrible feature film. And I loved every minute of it as I sat watching while building a model for my forthcoming Star Trek fan film. And I would watch it again and again.

    But TJ, in deliberately setting out to CREATE a bad movie, is simply taking a shortcut. TJ doesn’t understand it’s the UNintentional creation of a bad movie that makes it worthwhile. I know, I know, John Landis created “Schlock” in 1973 as some sort of commentary on the bad movies of the 60’s and 70’s, and I’m just not interested. Sorry. TJ’s script seems to be an attempt at the same thing, and frankly, I’d rather watch “Galaxy of Terror” or “Forbidden World” instead.

    Just my 4k…

  • An addendum: Isn’t “The Claw” a whole lot more fun with that giant turkey buzzard with googly eyes a whole lot more fun to watch than the eerily similar “Deadly Mantis”? I think so…

  • Good points, Randy. True true. For me, it’s always the director/producer’s original earnestness that make’s a bad movie so fun, and even charming. (Bad there ARE a lot of bad movies out there that were made just to make a dime that deserve ridicule…)

  • guts3d

    I just enjoy the reviews!

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