Barbarian Queen — The Empress Strikes Back

Oddly enough it looks like Lana Clarkson has indeed struck back from the grave against her murderer, Phil “Wall of Sound” Spector. You can check out the sordid details on the net, I can’t be bothered to post them here. Anyway, another sad story comes to an end. Maybe everybody should check out a Barbarian Queen movie tonight in her memory…

Lana Clarkson

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  • I’m sure a lot of recording artists that Phil screwed over the years are getting a good laugh at his expense. I hope he gets the max.

  • Hello,
    Can i get a one small pic from your site?

    Thank you

  • I don’t really know too much about the guy, so I resisted saying anything good or bad about him; except for the fact that he murdered Lana. It’s looking like he’ll get 15 to life (according to CNN, so take that for what it’s worth).

  • Nadine, you can use any picture you want from this site just by right-clicking it and taking “save picture as…” to your local computer. Just please don’t hot link to the site. Thanks and enjoy the pictures 🙂

  • Guts3d

    What is sad is that as a people we are becoming insensitive to the loss of lives around us.

  • Very true, at least in the American culture there is an amazing hunger for violence. For example, just google for “Fight videos” and there are TONS of sites showcasing people beating the crap out of each other…why? What’s the point? sad

  • guts3d

    I live in America and I see that we as a people are lowering ourselves so that we “include” everyone, and the people who should be leading by example ( Bill Clinton, Nixon, etc. ) are doing any damn thing they please. We need our honor back.

  • Well, I hope you can use this site as a place to escape the real world and get lost and relax in the madness of these movies. It’s a very safe place to be! 🙂

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