Can anybody name this movie?…

From the Monster Shack mailbox:

“All I can remember is that there were some monsters (or something) living underground (possible in the desert)and as people would be walking along, these monster-things would reach up through the ground and grab a person by the legs and drag them under. I sort of remember there being underground tunnels. It was as if the ground suddenly turned to dry quicksand. Ring any bells? Oh, it was a black and white movie, probably from the 60’s.”

Anybody recognize this one?

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  • The only movie I can find that is similar to that is Tremors, though it was made in 1990 and in colour. Another film similar might be Grim made in 1995, though that was in colour as well. Can’t really find a black-and-white one.

  • There was indeed one that I’ve not seen since the 1960’s. B&W. There’s a scene with a kid (possibly Asian) walking along a dune, and behind him is the wake of an underground monster. I keep trying to find it.

    OUTER LIMITS did a similar thing with some sand sharks living in the dunes of Mars. Starred Adam West and Rudy Solari with Ted Knight as a Senator’s aide.

  • Dan

    I think the movie is “The Mole People”. John Agar at his absolute worst lol

  • No, it’s not the Mole People for me. There’s a scene where this kid is walking along the edge of the dune and gets pursued by this underground monster. Not the Mole People (although Agar was pretty bad in it!).

  • Bruce

    “Invaders from Mars”, but I think it was in color, and from the 50’s, but it did have Martians living in underground tunnels kidnapping people through sandpit traps?

  • EQ74

    Maybe 1953’s “Invaders from Mars”? But that is in color…

  • Nope, not “Invaders from Mars” — gorgeous film. Part of the problem is that the OP was probably my age when I saw the same thing: 5-7 years old. You find yourself watching a movie, and certain aspects of it stay with you forever.

    From “First Spaceship to Venus,” it’s the lava-cocoa that chases the astronauts up the round building.
    From “Dementia 5,” it’s the woman under water seeing a skeleton.
    From half a dozen movies, it’s the implantation of alien antennae to control their Human hosts.

    And from the movie in question, it’s the creature beneath the sand dunes.

    I keep thinking it’s probably Japanese; I’ve been reviewing sf film sites for more than a decade looking for some mention of this film…


  • Charles

    Part of the problem is that the OP was probably my age when I saw the same thing: 5-7 years old. You find yourself watching a movie, and certain aspects of it stay with you forever.

    Part of the problem as well is that you misremember a lot of details from the film as well, or because of your age, you don’t appreciate the implications of it and miss important details in a memorable scene or read said scene completely wrong.

    I just recently watched an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea that I originally watched (and was slightly traumatized by, thus why I remembered it) over 35 years ago. I was amazed at how different it was from what I remembered. I had also forgotten that it was in color, due to our crappy first-gen color TV that I originally watched it on.

  • William Sommerwerck

    The plot obviously suggests “Temors”.


    does anyone recall an old blk & wht movie, probably from the 30’s or 40’s where there were these underground caverns & tunnels. there was a very large cavern where these creatures lived in individual sand pits & there wer these pale-faced humans,all wearing the same outfits,that kept the creatures in line with whips.normal people were stuck in this place & the pale-faced ones trying to capture them..& at the end, the creatures rebel against the pale-faced ones…kill them & drag them into the sand pits. I saw this movie over 40 yrs ago when I was a kid. Thanks for any assistance

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