Category links screwed up…Fixed : )

Should have been using php require_once in the reviews. Doh!
Anyway, the categories are now fixed.
For some reason the links in the navigation bar that link to the various categories are screwed up…I don’t know why. If anybody knows what table this information is in please let me know. The main Review Index link (in upper left) still works, thankfully, so you can still enjoy good-old fashion Monster Shack goodness until I get this crap figured out.

(Edit Aug 27): OK, it looks like it was a widget plug-in that was screwing them up. Now it looks like only the first two items are being displayed. I’ll try to get this fixed soon.

8 comments to Category links screwed up…Fixed : )

  • guts3d

    Sorry, I depend on you for website issues. I just fix computers, not program them! Hope the summer was a good one!

  • Hi again, yes the summer was good, really a lot of fun. We’re about to head off for Summer Vacation Part 2 = 2 weeks in Cypress 🙂 After that, then I’ll be mentally ready to tackle some more movies. Thanks for your patience…even the mighty Shack Master can get burned out from time to time.

  • guts3d

    Shack Master Human?! No human could possibly withstand the inane movies that have been reviewed here… Give yourself more credit!

  • I’m all too human, man. Anyway, I’m going on vacation Monday for a couple of weeks and after I’ll be back in the review mode.

  • guts3d

    Let me know when you are back, I have a small care package with your name on it.

  • Just got back late last night…a little dazed at work (as usual)

    A care package, you say?…:)

  • guts3d

    Yup, I’ll get it out this week, as soon as I find a box.

  • Thanks man! Cool 🙂

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