First Thoughts: Baby Driver

OK, I just got around to seeing “Baby Driver” last night, rented it on iTunes…am I the last person on Earth to see this? Probably.

After a fairly fast-moving 2 hours or so, I admit that I liked it. I didn’t love it, no, and no, I probably won’t ever […]

First Thoughts: Arrival


I always love the sense of awe and dread whenever I see giant space ships silently hovering over the Earth, humans helpless to stop them, unable to communicate with them, at the mercy of inhuman alien minds…and…

Arrival starts out right on target. Twelve enormous alien ships hover […]

First Thoughts: Skull Island


This is a bit of a round-table effort. Dennis starts off and then Sean joins in at the second half…enjoy!

I finally got my butt off the sofa and drove into town to see this movie today…yes, I could have waited until it came out on iTunes, but […]