Phantom from Space (1953)

Directed by W. Lee Wilder

Written by William Raynor, Myles Wilder

In a nutshell: A radioactive alien menaces Santa Monica…but oh, it’s invisible, so don’t get too excited.

Run Time: 73 minutes

Tagline: “His secret power menaced the world!”

Classic Quote:

Dr. Wyatt : My theory is that […]

The Beast with a Million Eyes (1955)

Directed by David Kramarsky

Screenplay by Tom Flier

Effects by Paul Blaisdell

Run Time: 78 minutes

The Monster Shack happily presents a guest review by Randy Landers.

Summary: In an inhospitable wasteland far from civilization, a powerful alien touches down and begins tampering with nature, turning calm animals […]

Unknown World (1951)

Directed by Terry O. Morse

Written by Millard Kaufman

Run Time: 74 minutes

Tagline: Drilling into the forbidding depths of the Earth!


Kronos (1957)

Directed by Kurt Neumann

Run Time: 78 minutes


Kronos is a little 50’s sci-fi treat that I somehow missed earlier in my misspent life. And since I thoroughly enjoyed it I’m going to feel a little guilty as I make fun […]

From Hell It Came (1957)

Directed by Dan Milner

Written by Richard Bernstein

Run Time: 73 minutes

Tagline: Frightmare! Born of Jungle Witchcraft! Created by a Curse!


I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)

Directed by Gene Fowler Jr.

Written by Herman Cohen and Aben Kandel

Tagline: "The most amazing motion picture of our time!"

Run Time: 76 min

Other titles: "Blood of the Werewolf "

Before I watch a movie, I feel it is very important to do a little […]

Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)

Written and Directed by: Robert J. Gurney

Tagline: “From Time Unborn … A Hideous She-Thing!”

Run Time: 66 min

Other titles: "Cage of Doom ", "The Girl from 5,000 A.D."


Scientist break the "time barrier" and bring back an unexpected visitor with sparkling fingernails and spacey […]

Teenagers From Outer Space (1959)

Written, Produced, and directed by Tom Graeff

Tagline: "Thrill-Crazed Space Kids Blasting the Flesh Off Humans!"

Run Time: 86 min

Other titles: "Invasion of the Gargon"

Our current feature presentation, “ Teenagers from Outer Space” was horribly written and directed. The, ahem, special effects are truly some […]

The She-Creature (1956)

Directed by Edward L. Cahn

Written by Lou Rusoff

Tagline: “Hypnotized! Reincarnated as a monster from hell!”

Run Time: 77 min

We open by seeing the mysterious Dr. Carlo Lombardi (Chester Morris), circus hypnotist and all around creepy-guy, walking along the beach, as all mysterious people are wont […]

Santa Claus (1959)

Written and Directed by Rene Cardona

Tagline: “See All the Weird and Wonderful Characters of Make-Believe! The Fantastic Crystal Work-Room of the Happy Elves! The Fabulous Realm of the Candy-Stick Palaces!”

Run Time: 94 min


The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy (1958)

Directed by Rafael Portillo

Written by Guillermo Calderon

Tagline: “See the relentless machine battle the gruesome corpse!”

Run Time: 65 min

Other Titles: "La momia azteca contra el robot humano "

I am pleased to say this is my first review of a Mexican production, and […]

Robot Monster (1953)

Directed by Phil Tucker

Written by Wyott Ordung

Tagline: “Moon monsters launch attack against Earth! How can science meet the menace of astral assassins? New Science Fiction Thrills!”

Run Time: 66 min


Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)

Written and Directed by Ed Wood Jr.

Tagline: “Unspeakable Horrors From Outer Space Paralyze the Living and Resurrect the Dead!”

Run Time: 79 min

Original Title: “Grave Robbers From Outer Space”

You may be wondering how I could pick on poor, old,Plan 9…probably the one movie that has been […]

The Mole People (1956)

Directed by Virgil Vogel

Written by Laszlo Gorog

Tagline: “Terrifying monsters from a lost age!”

Run Time: 77 min


Missile To The Moon (1958)

Directed by Richard E. Cunha

Screenplay by H.E. Barrie and Vincent Fotre

Tagline: "Adventure into the Unknown"

Run Time: 78 min


Mesa of Lost Women (1953)

Directed by Ron Ormond

Written by Herbert Tevos

Tagline: "A race of deadly spider-women luring men to their death!"

Run Time: 70 min

Other titles: "Lost Women of Zarpa"

Imagine an alternate universe if you will. Now, in this imaginary universe, try to envision Ed Wood Jr. […]

King Dinosaur (1955)

Written and Directed by Bert I. Gordon

Tagline: " SEE…A prehistoric world of fantastic adventure come to life!"

Run Time: 63 min

Nora:"What time would you say it is?" Dick:"Say it’s about 3 o’clock Earth time here." Nora:"Except that we don’t know how many hours are in the daily cycle […]

It Conquered the World (1956)

Directed by Roger Corman

Written by Lou Rusoff

Tagline: "Every man its prisoner…every woman its slave!"

Run Time: 71 min


The Giant Gila Monster (1959)

Written and Directed by Ray Kellogg

Tagline: "Only Hell could breed such an enormous beast. Only God could destroy it!"

Run Time: 63 min

I wanted to point out something pretty funny that occurs throughout the movie: Everybody is always pretty their damn feet up and leaning on […]

The Giant Claw (1957)

Directed by Fred Sears

Written by Paul Gangelin and Samuel Newman

Tagline: "Flying beast out of prehistoric skies!"

Run Time: 75 min

If you’re into crappy movies from the 50’s then you’ve no doubt seen, or at least heard of, the infamous "Giant Claw" and the titular […]