Frogs (1972)

Directed by George McCowan

Run Time: 91 minutes

Frogs might be loosely considered an “eco-horror” disaster film. It can be considered as having the most misleading promotional poster of all time.

Here, take a good look:

With that in mind, allow me to point out a couple of […]

Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978)

Directed by Curtis Harrington

Written by Steven Karpf, Elinor Karpf

Run Time: 95 minutes

25 Words or Less:

Cute demon-puppy grows up to be a real pain in the ass.

I love 70s TV movies. I’m a child of the 70s so it just […]

Spider-Man : The Dragon’s Challenge (1979)

Directed by Don McDougall

Written by Lionel E. Siegel

Run Time: 93 (70’s filled) minutes

The Dragon’s Challenge (alternatively titled “Missing in Action”) was released way back in 1979 as a made-for-TV movie comprising of 2 previously unreleased Spider-Man episodes. It’s a colorful story full of 70’s swagger, but unfortunately […]

The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

Written by Steve Binder, David Acomba

Run Time: 96 (painful) minutes

A long, long time ago, in a decade far, far away called the 70’s, a movie named “Star Wars” was released…You may have heard of it. To call it a “hit” would be an understatement. It took over the popular […]

Killdozer (1974)

Written by Theodore Sturgen, Ed MacKillop

Directed by Jerry London

Run Time: 73 minutes

Any movie involving killer construction equipment must open in outer space, naturally, and this movie is no exception. It just makes sense, right? Scary music plays while a blue styrofoam asteroid hurtles towards Earth. Again, it […]

Octaman (1971)

Written and Directed by Harry Essex

Run Time: 76 minutes

25 Words or Less:

Sequences of boring talky scenes interspersed with a pissed off octopus-man flailing at people with flaccid rubber tentacles.

The Cast


The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

Written and Directed by William Sachs

Run Time: 84 minutes

25 Words or Less: A murderous, melting mutant astronaut named Steve.

Wrap Up:

Open in deep space where stalwart astronaut Steve West and his sacrificial crew cruise past the planet Saturn. Note that the FX team uses […]

Rattlers (1976)

Directed by John McCauley

Written by Jerry Golding, John McCauley

Run Time: 82 minutes

25 Words or Less:

Rattlesnakes get pissed off when the military dumps toxic waste on them.

Hi Lites


Moon of the Wolf (1972)

Directed by Daniel Petrie

Written by Alvin Sapinsley

Run Time: 75 minutes

Tagline: Deadly secrets emerge from the shadows when the full moon rises!

Classic Quote: […]

The War of the Robots (1978)

Written and Directed by Alfonso Brescia

Run Time: 99 minutes

Tagline: Hostile Alien Cyborgs in a Battle for the Universe

War of the Robots is another of my guilty pleasures created by one of my favorit Italian Gods of Schlock: Alfonso Brescia (aka, Al Bradly, director of Supermen vs the […]

Supermen vs the Amazons (1975)

Directed by Alfonso Brescia

Written by Alfonso Brescia and Aldo Crudo

Run Time: 100 minutes

Tagline: Super-human feats of strength! Super-thrilling deeds of daring! Super-fantastic conquests of adventure!

Other Titles: Super Stooges vs the Wonder Women


The Capture of Bigfoot (1979)

Written, directed, produced, and edited by Bill Rebane

Run Time: 92 minutes


Snowbeast (1977)

Directed by Herb Wallerstein

Tagline: “An unknown terror stalks a ski resort!”

Run Time: 86 minutes

In a nutshell:

A dull, lifeless, "monster in the wild" made-for-TV flick featuring the usual suspects from 1970’s television.

Lines to Remember:

Sheriff Paraday: I understand she was a guest at […]

Empire of the Ants (1977)

Directed by Bert I. Gordon

Tagline: “For they shall inherit the Earth… sooner than you think!”

Run Time: 89 minutes


Track of the Moon Beast (1976)

Directed by Richard Ashe

Written by Bill Finger and Charles Sinclaire

Tagline: The rising moon creates a monster

Run Time: 90 min

Are you tired of run-of-the-mill werewolf movies? Bored with the usual ‘werewolf bites man, man turns into werewolf, werewolf killed by silver bullet’ story line?


The Swarm (1978)

Directed by Irwin Allen

Based on the novel by Arthur Herzog Jr., Screenplay by Stirling Silliphant

Tagline: “It’s more than a speculation – it’s a prediction!”

Run Time: 156 minute Director’s Cut (Yeah, baby! 2 and a half hours of cheese!)


Squirm (1976)

Written and Directed by Jeff Lieberman

Tagline: “This was the night of the CRAWLING TERROR!”

Run Time: 92 min


Mighty Peking Man (1977)

In this very special guest review, Sean Ledden takes on the mightiest monkey of them all: Mighty Peking Man! Thanks again! So with no further ado, I now turn the floor over to Sean and the….

1977 was a banner year for science fiction with the release of two true classics, […]

The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

Directed by Bill Rebane

Written by Robert Easton

Run Time: 84 min

Tagline: "Creeping!…Crawling!…Crushing!"

Other Titles: "Invasion of the Giant Spiders"


Dracula vs Frankenstein (1971)

Directed by Al Adamson

Tagline: “It’s a real monster mash when they clash!”

Run Time: 90 minutes

Dracula vs Frankenstein is a film that will leave you scratching your head and saying, "Huh?" It might also make you say a lot more than that…things like "I want a refund!" and […]