Incompetent Invasions (May 2008)

Includes reviews by Dennis, Sean, Karl, and newcomer Scot Nolan. Welcome aboard! Anyway, we decided to pick the movies with the pathetic alien ‘invasions’…and it was easier than you might think. I mean, it was easy to pick the movies…it was hard as hell to sit through them. This roundtable consists of The Galaxy Invader […]

Steven Seagal: A Senior Superhero (January 2008)

A closer look at a super star that probably should have quit while he was ahead. Includes reviews by Dennis, Sean Ledden, and Karl Hoegle.

Don’t miss the confused On Deadly Ground (Dennis), a mindless violence-fest called Submerged (Sean), and the always charming Exit Wounds (Karl).

Enjoy, if you can.

Monstrously Miserable Musicals (June 2007)

The other day I received an email from fellow bad-movie aficionado Nathan Decker (of Million Monkey Theater fame…what? Never heard of it? Then check it out!). It turns out that Nathan was interested in submitting a guest review for these purple pages, and since I’m always open to fresh material and horrible movies, I was […]