Do I get spam

I guess the site is getting more and more “popular” since I get about 50 spam posts each day. (Thanks to Askimet Plug-In, it’s all filtered out instead of offending your sensitive eyes…)

Anyway, I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the wonderful praise the Monster Shack receives each and every day:

Lassie nass, moved by my eloquent writing in the Giant Gila Monster review had to gush: “Great! I am great to read this coming from you. More post to come in the future”

Why, Great! Lassie, Great! You do that.

Eduardo Kincaid, referring to the wealth of useful information in my review of Dracula vs Frankenstein writes: thank for this astonishing information. Therefore, I would like to ask for your allowance to add some of this information in my blog. Of course, I will provide a link to your , as a source of my mentioned information.

Ed, if your asking for my weekly allowance, forget it. But go ahead and provide a link for the “mentioned information” if you really need to.

Moving on,

Robert Machlin, inspired by Sean’s Can’t Stop the Music review, is nearly moved to tears: Appreciation for this brilliant information regarding music contracts. I should look around this site a bit more to discover what else you provide as well as bookmarking this page in order that I do not forget exactly where it is. Bless you!

Sean, I went ahead and sent your email to Robert so that you guys can discuss the Village People’s music contract status. And Robert, congratulations on discovering how to use Internet bookmarks. Good boy!

On the same note, it looks like Sean’s take on Can’t Stop the Music put Andrew Pelt in more of a romantic mood: Interesting stuff. Have you ever considered why some people are more attractive than others?…What is attraction?…what if you could be more attractive…what if you could be more seductive…better kisser

Once again, Sean, I went ahead and sent your email to Andrew so you two could discuss kissing techniques. You can thank me later.

Computer Running Slow thought that the Outlaw of Gor review was worthy of praise: A useful insight into Monster Shack Movie Reviews » Outlaw of Gor (1989) and ideas I will employ in my blog. You’ve obviously taken some time on this. Well done!

Wow, thanks, Computer Running Slow, but I really didn’t use that much time on that crappy movie. And whatever ideas you gleaned from that review for your blog…wow…go for it.

PS: Sean, I’m just kidding. I didn’t send your email. 🙂

4 comments to Do I get spam

  • Sean

    Thanks Dennis for sharing the feedback. I couldn’t be happier that Robert got some useful information on music contracts from my review. Would that entitle me to a cut of the profits should he enter the business? Seems reasonable to me! Meanwhile, Andrew asks some deep questions, and my answers are:
    Don’t know.
    That would be great!
    That would be great!
    That would be great!

    I wish both Robert and Andrew all due success with music contracts and/or kissing techniques. Either separately, or together – Which begs the question, does improved kissing technique lead to music contracts?

  • Kissing techniques lead to a lot of things…

    By the way Sean, your Peking Man got a nice comment:

    “Hi, i must say fantastic website you include, i stumbled across it in Google. Does you get much traffic?”

    I guess I can only reply that, Yes, actually I does get much traffic.

  • I’ve always loved your site. Oh yes, thanks by the way, for hosting Million Monkey Theater, as well.

  • Hi Henry,
    Glad to see you stop in again. It was my pleasure to help out with MMT; I have the disk space available, so why not? Plus, to see all that work just evaporate into the Internet aether would have been a shame…

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