Drag Me to Hell (2009)


I happened to catch Sam Raimi’s pseudo homage to the Evil Dead classics called Drag Me to Hell and thought I’d post some quick thoughts.

Oh, and as usual, spoiler alerts

In a nutshell,
Aspiring loan officer Christine (Alison Lohman) gets a curse placed on here by an old witch who is getting evicted from her home. With the help of a psychic, Christine finds out that she has only 3 days to live before an evil demon, Lamia, will come to drag her soul to hell…literally.

Will Christine and her way-too clean cut fiance, Clay (Justin Long), manage to break the curse in time?

Well, what do YOU think? ha ha

I’m a fan of horror, so I’m always glad to see a decent new movie come down the pike
Sam Raimi is an energetic and distinctive director
I like demon movies with creepy possession scenes
I enjoyed Sam’s nods to his earlier Evil Dead films.

Too many “just a dream” sequences
Too man “BOO!” scenes where monsters jump out of the shadows
A little too much slime and blood getting barfed into Christine’s mouth.
What’s with the blood barfing scene at the bank…oh. More gore. Yippee.

And Sam, where was Bruce Campbell’s cameo?! C’mon!

OK, let’s see here. The opening scene with the kid getting dragged down into hell was a pretty in-your-face way to get the ball rolling. I mean, damn! A little old kid getting dragged through the floor into the fiery pits of hell while his parents cower in terror? How cool is that! 🙂


The séance scene was fun, especially the creepy talking goat. And yes, we all recall the “hovering demon” scene from Evil Dead as the psychic’s possessed helper does a little air-jig. Oh, but what the hell happened to the goat? Is it still running around California yelling and scaring the shit out of people?

Like I said, too much pointless gore. How many times do we have to see Christine get a face full of blood/snot/slime/embalming fluid/maggots/eye-balls, etc.? Drop the gore scenes and instead concetrate on the low-key creepy shots that are much more effective, for example, the evil fly crawling in and out of Christine’s nose and mouth while she’s sleeping. Yuch!

Two more things, please:

1) Show more of the demon next time. All we see are its creepy hooves and a few fleeting shadows.


2)Bring back Bruce!

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