“Evil Dead” remake….eh…why?

Evil Dead

(Disclaimer: I haven’t seen this yet)

So, yeah, I know there’s an Evil Dead remake, and when I saw the poster I got a little suspicious with all the HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS PRAISING THIS MOVIE! I also get very suspicious when the IMDB rating for a film is already up to 7.4 and it’s been out less than a week…hmmmmmm….can anybody say “industry shill”?

Not trying to be negative, but why couldn’t they just leave this movie alone? I have read several reviews, and they say that it’s too heavy on the gore, and not enough emphasis on the dark slapstick humor of the first. So what it appears we have (and especially after seeing the trailer) is a gory remake of the original starring cutesy 20’s somethings right out of a “Twilight” episode.

Will I see it? Of course I will…I’m not that crazy!

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  • Guts3d

    I loved all of the “Evil Dead” movies, especially “Evil Dead 2”. The one liners Ash utters are priceless, and if you have ever played the computer game “Duke Nukem” you will hear them at integral parts of the game, enhancing the game that much more. I guess Hollywood is desperate to make movies and have no viable scripts, so they remake classics and not-so-classic movies. Did we really need a re-remake of “Superman”? How many “Spiderman” reboots will we endure? Sigh. Why don’t they make a “Wild Cards” movie, or even “The Stainless Steel Rat” movies? Good news, though. The “Ender’s Game” movie is right on schedule! I plan to see this one this week, after all of the talkers and cell phone users have gone to see it and are safely home. Nothing ruins a good movie faster than some clown giving a play by play to the person next to them.

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