The Zen of Spam

Even notice at the bottom of spam-mail, there is often a strange wad of text? These words are often garbled, appearently lifted from a book of some sort, maybe just a randow clot of prose that the spammers have created (although I doubt it). I starting reading these pseudo-poetic bits and more often than not, and after a while I noticed that they were sometimes poetic, bordering on poignant.

Each bit is very esoteric, like a Zen koan are Japanese haiku, if you will.

Hidden meaning is directly in front of me, if only I were not so blind as to see it…

I have gathered them here, along with the, *ahem*, sender’s name. All text is untouched, but I have formatted the prose.

I’ve also included the, *ahem, sender and what they are trying to sell me with the spam. I hope to see a pattern emerge after enough samples are collected.

Open your mind and enjoy:

sam aucoin – vitamin V:

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heart to me yes and
terday as we travelled.

It came out quite unawares, quite undesign with a
kind of compassionate respe looked
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th an old voice – which 1 her, notwithstanding,

ear Willoughby, th 61 for

Penelope Trevelyan
vslucb@jameshouse.comstock tips:

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antoine loving – online meds:

Something’s outta order, people in the corners

Can’t you feel it


Crank up a bass that can raise up the roof
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PlutoDestination moon

Many gamma rays around it

caesar harvey – *ahem* discount software:

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Stacy Tivira – online meds:

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. Her affection for me deserved better treatment, and I often, with great s
elf-reproach, recall the tenderness coach-office be out of my sight longer than fiv i an 4 ation.” ” will 1 seem heart, and a

moshe levy – online meds:

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you’re a deep one, Mr Pip ! Would you like to have a look at Ne
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kim meacham – tablets at reduced prices:

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ed request in return, Mrs. Dashwo like
  breakfast-time; that he began to look about  1 a pocket eed!”     

“Yes. I
have  61 nutmeg-grater. ¡¡¡¡This

theo ewald – fake rolexs

and the puddling-fur ,

they bear him away, they roll him, swing him,
turn h we im,
His beautiful body is borne in the circling eddies,
it is continually bruis’d on rocks,
Swiftly and out of sight is born aree the brave corpse.
4I turn b progressing nace, th ¡¡¡¡slowly, 0 ma’am.’ ll that is a woman, and the man that comes

¡¡¡¡’Ya–a–ah!’ said

Franklin Champagne – penny stocks

It’s easy to be wise after the event. Don’t mend what ain’t broken. Northern English, Anything for nothing..
You win a few, you lose a few. Fretting cares make g It’s the empty can that makes the most noise.
There are no small parts, only small actors. Where’s there’s muck, there’s brass