Godzilla 2014

Hey Shack Fans, Sean drops another tidbit from the icy East coast:

A mere 16 years after the abomination of 1998 Godzilla will again reach American shores. This time for real, it seems! The first Official Teaser Trailer has been released, and I arranged an exclusive deal with Warner Brothers for a Monster Shack Official Teaser Link! (Dennis is doing all of the heavy technical lifting, but I consider that sort of backroom stuff to be unimportant.) (Ha ha!)

The trailer is good, and my giant-monster loving heart is starting to feel a faint resuscitation after the crushing disappointment it suffered lo, those many years ago. Two points in particular encourage a sense of optimism:

1. The military officer in the opening shots is no macho lunk-head, but the wonderful actor David Strathairn (Edward R. Murrow in “Good Night And Good Luck”).

2. The wee glimpse we get of Godzilla is enough to tell us we’ll get the real thing, and not a giant mutated iguana. This shocking instance of good sense in the filmmakers cannot be stressed too much.

Have a look!

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  • After the Devlin/Emmerich abomination, I will remain skeptical until I see this film. It looks far too similar to the 98 Zilla movie for my tastes.

  • Guts3d

    Godzilla! King of all Monsters! I spent many a Saturday afternoon at the dollar theater in Bridgewater watching the ol’ lizard beat the snot out of a zany assortment of Japanese nightmares.

  • PublicCyberfreak

    There’s one thing that makes it impossible for me to take this trailer seriously, and that is the fact that they’re re-using sound effects from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The wailing background noise that plays throughout the combat drop sequence is heard in 2001 film most of the times you see the monolith. Don’t get me wrong; 2001: A Space Odyssey is the best movie I’ve ever seen, and there’s nothing wrong about re-using sound effects. I just can’t keep my mind off 2001 when I hear those sounds, and this movie obviously differs greatly from that one. Space exploration and Kaiju are themes/genres that are so different that the juxtaposition makes me unable to focus on both and one has to give in.

    I know that there was no original music written specifically for 2001. The wailing is actually from Lux Aeterna (not the one that’s common to hear in trailers, but another one with the same title) by Gy├Ârgy Ligeti, but I still can’t ignore it.

  • PublicCyberfreak

    A correction of my above comment. In the second sentence I wrote “2001 film” at one point. It’s supposed to just be “2001”.

  • Sean

    I noticed the 2001 music too. Strictly speaking, not kosher. But I’ll give them a pass – the music that appears in a trailer is almost never the music that appears in the film. And while I have never fully recovered from the trauma of the 1998 abomination, I’m actually hopeful about this new version. Too early to be sure, of course, but hope springs eternal!

  • PublicCyberfreak

    I also hope that this film will be good. The Emmerich version is actually the only Godzilla film I’ve ever seen, though I have seen other Kaiju films so I haven’t let it define my opinon on the genre. This film has potential, and I hope it will be better.

    On a side note, I just realized it wouldn’t make very much sense to deploy infantry in a situation like this. I’m a bit curious about how they will explain that decision.

  • Sean

    (A late reply) – The Emmerich version is the only Godzilla film you’ve seen?!?!? (Sean faints.) (After coming to he starts typing again.) Given that history, I’m glad to hear you’re willing to give the new movie a try – because the monster in the Emmerich movie wasn’t Godzilla. And while I’m also unclear on what a squad of paratroopers can do against a 400 foot dinosaur, as long as they conduct their mission with the appropriate doom-laden sense of urgency, I’m happy to go along.

  • This one looks more encouraging to me!

  • Website won’t let me post a link to this YouTube video: vIu85WQTPRc

  • Sean

    Just saw the 2nd trailer – I’m excited!

  • Sean

    It won’t be Sharknado 2, but I’m still excited!

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