Is it me, or does the new IMDB format suck?

Why did they get rid of the sidebar? What’s with this ugly layout….not to mention all of the apps that have to be re-written in order to parse the new html.


There, I feel better.

13 comments to Is it me, or does the new IMDB format suck?

  • I totally agree! The “old” IMDB was neatly arranged – the new one is simply confusing.

  • David Fullam

    I only use it now if I really, really have to. Otherwise I avoid as it gives my eyeballs major strain.

  • I get lost looking there these days.

  • Yeah, boy, I’m nitpickin’ here, but that blue hyperlink color is ugly as well…plus, I don’t know, the whole site just looks “moooshy” now

  • Guts3d

    Yes, but I’ll bet someone suggested a change, someone designed the change, someone implemented the change, and they all got paid big bucks. After everyone cmplains enough, they will go back to the old style and just think that the public wasn’t ready yet for their incredible innovation.

  • I think what’s got me mad is trying to get an internet video we’ve been making listed there. They have listed plenty of others, and won’t list ours. LOL And believe me, if CrossBones is listed, then this Trek video we made should be. It certainly has higher production values.

  • guts3d

    Please post the link here! I am sure there are a few hundred fans at this site!

  • At least it’s better than “The Thing that Wouldn’t Die”:

  • ANYTHING is better than that freakin’ movie…except for 90% of the films here 🙂

  • I dunno. I like about 90% of the films here!

  • It’s not just you — the new layout blows.

  • Azathoth

    Yeah, I have no idea how someone came up with the new format. Really, how can anyone who has used the web for more than a few days choose to go with that? And Guts3D is probably right- someone got paid for this shite.

  • Nazgul61

    Can’t stand the new layout. Some dumbass punk IT kid probably thought it was cool.

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