It Feeds On The Living!

Late breaking news from New York’s one and only Sean Ledden:


Last weekend unsuspecting movie-goers in Chicago were the first people in 54 years to see a brand new trailer for a horror movie that never was. The twisted brain-child of movie mystery man Doug McKeown, best known for directing “The Deadly Spawn,” “It Feeds On The Living” purports to show scenes from a 1959 black & white sci-fi shocker about a menace to the entire planet.

Shot as a “lark” to honor a last minute request from Chicago filmmaker and festival producer Rusty Nails, the trailer for “It Feeds On The Living” had to overcome numerous production hurdles – some pedestrian, others ominous. As if some mysterious force sought to prevent this work from ever seeing the light of day. How else to explain the approaching cold front that would soon make outdoor photography highly uncomfortable? Or the camera battery that suddenly died only an hour before the first scenes were scheduled to be shot in New York’s famed Central Park? Yet through it all McKeown displayed the calm, some would say ruthless, determination that he is known, even feared for – and production wrapped after two concentrated half-days that made some participants feel zestfully alive, while giving others a strong tension headache. How true, that “Art Demands Sacrifice”, as someone famous must have said at some point.

Happily, one obstacle that did not appear was the location of a top secret and expensively equipped laboratory setting to be used for the key conversation between “Biologist Number 1” and “Biologist Number 2.” Non-disclosure agreements prevent the publishing of any further details, but viewers of the trailer will no doubt appreciate the time and effort that went into bringing its striking images onto film (er, video.)

And so, without further ado, and fresh from Sci-Fi Spectacular 7, at Chicago’s Portage Theater, The Monster Shack is proud to present (the trailer for)….

It Feeds On The Living!

CORRECTION: Contrary to pre-screening reports, the laboratory location was NOT the one used for the infamous “Alien Autopsy” film.

5 comments to It Feeds On The Living!

  • Guts3d

    Niiiice! Looks like you had a lot of fun doing that! You really captured the “B” movie cadence, style, and quirkiness. Sean, you looked taller on film than I imagined…

  • Sean

    Thank you! (And FYI – I stood on an orange crate.)

  • Guts3d

    Was the monster hard to work with? Rumor has it that it wanted top billing, and an air conditioned trailer, and only brown M&M’s…

  • Sean

    That’s only the tip of the iceberg! (Non-disclosure agreements prevent me from going into details.)

  • Giant slime mold turns carnivorous. Film at 11:00.

    And it should have top billing. I can’t think of a bigger star than a creature the size of a state.

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