Labatts (196?)


Summary: Ahhh, remember all the times you sat around enjoying a cold Labatts? Me neither.

Open with a man, attired in a drab grey suit, sitting alone at a table enjoying a, yes, you guessed it: Labatts.

"When you have a Labatts," the narrator informs us, "you have an adventure!"

Through the magic of Stop The Camera, Sit Still, Have Woman Sit Next To Man, Start Camera Again, a woman "magically" appears beside him. This lucky fellow’s boring suit also "magically" transforms into a Pee-Wee Herman-esque red smoking jacket.

Wow. The magic of Labatts, eh?


"Enjoy import quality at American prices," coos the narrator as this guy coyly fills his date’s glass with, yes, you guessed it again: ice cold Labatts.

"Have an adventure…have a Labatts."

Conclusion: After this uninspired commercial, I think I’d rather watch paint dry than have a Labatts.

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