New review: District 9

A quick wrap-up of a great new sci-flick produced by Peter “Bad Taste” Jackson and Wingnut Productions.

District 9.


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  • Guts3d

    I saw this movie whenit first came out here in the states, the previews billed it more as a “Aliens” meets “Stalag 13” with a dash of “Independence Day” thrown in for good measure. I was a bit disappointed, however, as that wasn’t the movie I saw. This movie, while it was visually spellbinding, the special effects were top notch, and the props were wonderful, raised so many “No way that would happen” flags that I just couldn’t enjoy it. If a spacecraft showed up anywhere over our globe, every scientist would be selling his childrn into slavery to get inside and try to unlock the secrets of the alien technology. This movie would have you believe that the alien tech only worked for their particular dna, and was useless to humans. Their fuel turned human dna ( which they had never seen up until this movie ) into Prawn dna. Their fuel. What are the odds of that? Would gasoline turn a Prawn into a human? Another point, they had weapons far advanced from ours, yet hid them or traded them for cat food. No way would the humans who transported them from the mother ship not search them thoroghly. And since they knew there were weapons, why wouldn’t the politicians shmooze a cadre of prawns with all the cat food they could eat to have a small army of tech warriors under their command? For that matter, why wouldn’t the Prawns just go take all the cat food they wanted, using said weapons? And in the movie they say that the humans looked about the mothership and then abandoned it. Just no way! Space Station One, if nothing else. These flaws, among others, are what kept me from enjoying the film.

  • Good points, but I’m willing to look away from all those in order to have some fun. You crabby old man 😉

    You have to admit that the picture the MNU photoshopped of Wikus doggy-stylin’ the Prawn was pretty funny 🙂

  • Guts3d

    Ugh! I was hoping to forget that…

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