New Review: Midnight Movie Massacre

Midnight Movie Massacre (1988)

Sean Ledden braves a look back at a crappy 80’s sci-fi flick called “Midnight Movie Massacre”…and yeah, it’s pretty bad.
In his own words:

“Something about 1980’s-style amateur evil seems to be hovering in the delightfully dank air of The Monster Shack. I stumbled upon 1988’s “Midnight Movie Massacre” (A.K.A. “Attack From Mars”) by chance, and paranoia whispers it is some form of punishment for something awful I committed in a past life. Paranoia also suggests this is the piece of low budget garbage that inspired the makers of 1989’s ‘Things’ to give movie making a shot. Either way, The Shack continues to scrape the bottom of the barrel!”

Enjoy the bottom of the barrel everybody!

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