New Seagal Movie…

OK, this is stupid. But like most stupid things, it’s pretty funny 🙂

5 comments to New Seagal Movie…

  • Hahahahaha! Too bad its not a real movie. It might have been the first Steven Seagal movie I would have watched in years.

  • Yeah, that could have been pretty fun. Maybe someday he’ll look back on his career and make a little spoof of it…kind of like Bruce Campbell did in “They Call Me Bruce”.

  • oneeye

    That would require some deep introspection on his part. But we’re talking about a guy that would rather wear a girdle and pump out direct to dvd movies rather than admit that he’s gotten older and should maybe just hide in his house.

  • Yeah, it’s take a bit of self-humility (is that a word?!)…anyway, I don’t know if Herr Seagal has a sense of irony that would permit him to do something like that. But..if he DID…imagine the hilarious possibilities 🙂 Cock-Puncher 3-D!

  • Bryan

    Bizarre, I just watched “Onion Movie” last night (meaning last night before I read this). I agree that a spoof would be great, especially after just watching him in “Against the Dark” (yeech).

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