Newport (196?)

Summary: Man, I wish I lived back in the days before smoking was bad for you.

A man runs down a busy city street trying to make his bus, but misses it.

Damn. Now I guess we have to sit through a commercial.

From out of nowhere a blast of cigarette smoke blows into the guy’s face. He smiles, because hey, smoking wasn’t bad for you back then.

It turns out that the smoke has come from a Newport billboard hanging on the wall beside the unlucky commuter. A dame in a not-so-revealing 1960’s swimsuit waves from the sign.

TV magic!

A catchy jingle begins as the woman starts to sing…and hey, I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves:

"Newport tastes freeeesher…tastes better too.

Newport tastes freeeesher…tastes better too.

Than….any other menthol cigarette!"

and on and on and on.

and on and on and on.

And…my God…what I wouldn’t give for an ice cold Labatts right about now.

Conclusion: A musical cigarette commercial?

Enjoy the menthol flavor of Newport. I guess you could also jump in front of a bus.

1 comment to Newport (196?)

  • Guts3d

    I remember seeing a similar commercial, only it was bus exhaust that hits someone in the face. He takes a big whiff, smiles and dreams of smoking! What did cigarettes cost back then? If one can only afford to daydream about smoking real cigarettes while getting high on deadly carbon monoxide?

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