Ok, ok, now THIS is the final review of the year

Lady in the Water (2006)

Yes, Sean sneaks one past the goalie and grabs the coveted Last Review of the Year award. Damn. I thought I had it sewed up for sure.
It’s a recent film by the guy whose name I can never remember, and can certainly never spell. Something with “Night” in it. You know. The guy behind “Signs” and “The Sixth Sense”. Yeah. Him. Well, this movie has monsters, a Lady, and, er, some water. How should I know? I didn’t see it. I’m just taking Sean’s word for it.

Anyway, thanks again Sean for using your valuable free time to help out this odd little site. Always appreciated.

Happy holidays, everybody!

There. Now it’s official! 🙂

3 comments to Ok, ok, now THIS is the final review of the year

  • guts3d

    Next time remember to have some administrative delays so you can cop the vaunted Last Review of the Year award. Nice review, Sean!

  • Sean

    Thanks – I’ll definitely keep that advice in mind. BTW: I still have not received my trophy. FYI.

  • guts3d

    Dennis is no doubt polishing it with his tears; he will miss that hunk of silver.

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